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Team Decision Matrix

Different situations require different decision-making processes within teams and there are a variety of ways that decisions can be made. They can be made by one person or carried out by the whole team. The question is when to use which approach and how will the team decide? This is where the decision model comes in.

The decision model is inspired by the Management 3.0 practice, Delegation Poker. The Team Decision Matrix helps you and your team know when to use which decision method. It helps you determine if you have to consult the team or just decide yourself and furthermore, if the decision has to be agreed upon by the whole team or not.

Based OnDecision taken byExplanationExample
AristocracyOneOne person decides on certain topics. Team delegates the decision to this person.Legal counsel makes changes in the non-disclosure-agreement.
DemocracyMajorityMajority of team decides on certain topics.Location of the hotel for the next team retreat.
SociocracySomeTeam member(s) can make a decision after discussion with people who have knowledge, are involved, or are affected. It is also called Consent decision making. Marketer proposes a new marketing tool
UnanimityAllAll team members should agree, full consensus.New hire in a team.
RandomlyDiceAny decision is OK as long as a decision will be made.Roll a dice to decide if a bonus is paid out.


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How to use the Team Decision Matrix?

You can use these decision models to create a Team Decision Matrix.

A traditional Delegation Board, with the seven levels, can’t be used in a team with no managers. When a manager has delegated everything to level 5, 6, or 7. It is time to create the Team Decision Matrix.

Team Decision Matrix
  1. Decide first on the Key Decision Areas
  2. Get yourself a set of Team Decision Cards
  3. Decide which team decision approach you would like to use. Keep the card to yourself
  4. On the count of three, everyone shows the card
Team Decision Matrix

Last but not least:
Discuss the differences, and decide on the final Team Decision approach for this Key Decision Area



Fundamentals Plus Workshop

The Team Decision Matrix is part of the new Management 3.0 Teams Module and part of the new Fundamentals Plus Workshop.

Team Decision Matrix Tips

As there is no manager in the team, it could be valuable to have a facilitator in the session.

Do you have more tips? Share them with us.


Team Decision Cards

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