How to build a high-performing team

Teams Module

Have you ever worked on a great team? What made it a great team? This Management 3.0 Module is all about teams. It looks into how a team can improve, how trust between team members can be built, and what makes teams successful.

Is there a silver bullet to helping any team become successful? Probably not. However, you as a manager, the team leader, the one who cares, can set up the conditions to increase success. As a team leader and manager, you are the gardener: If you prepare the soil well before you plant the trees, the rate of success will increase.

What will you learn?

  • The growth of teams in organizations and why teams are becoming the building blocks of modern organizations.
  • The definition of a team: Consider them part of the team, need each other, common goals, together responsible.
  • What is the optimal size for a work team.
  • The definition of team diversity and how it can support a team.
  • The six key components for successful teams and practices and tools to support these

6 pillars of successful teams

  • Have conflicts
  • Clarity in the team
  • Have trust in each other
  • Understand the impact
  • Be Reliable to each other
  • Care about results
Management 3.0 Teams Module

  • Understand the five team decision models: one, majority, some, all and dice.

What will we discuss in this module?

  • What is in your experience the definition of a great team and did you experience this yourself?
  • How do you measure the performance of a team and how does this relate to individual performance?
  • How much self-organization and self-steering is possible for a team within an organization, what is needed for 100%?
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The Teams module is part of the following workshops:

Certified Management 3.0 Agile Team Leadership Workshop Attendee
Agile Team Leadership Workshop

Good to know: The Teams module belongs to the view Empower Teams, just as Delegation and Empowerment and Remote & Hybrid Collaboration.

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