How to build a high-performing team

Management 3.0 Module: Teams

Have you ever worked on a great team? What made it a great team? This new Management 3.0 Module is all about teams. It looks into how a team can improve, how trust between team members can be built, and what makes teams successful.

Is there a silver bullet to helping any team become successful? Probably not. However, you as a manager, the team leader, the one who cares, can set up the conditions to increase success. As a team leader and manager, you are the gardener: If you prepare the soil well before you plant the trees, the rate of success will increase.

After looking into the definition of a team, this module digs into the perfect team size. It builds a bridge to our Diversity module Individuals & Interactions, integrating the Diversity Index.

Furthermore, this module takes a detailed look into the

6 pillars of successful teams

Management 3.0 Teams Module
  • Have conflicts
  • Clarity in the team
  • Have trust in each other
  • Understand the impact
  • Be Reliable to each other
  • Care about results

When it comes to team decisions, the new practice of the Team Decision Matrix is introduced. It looks into how to make decisions in a team and discusses Aristocracy, Democracy, Sociocracy, Unanimity, and Randomly as decision models.

Fundamentals Plus Workshop

The Teams Module is part of our new Fundamentals Plus Workshop, a one-day in-person workshop that is the follow-up of our Fundamentals Online Workshop.

How to build and lead a successful team?

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Learn more about How to Empower Teams in the Management 3.0 Foundation Module, Delegation and Empowerment. We also have a specific Module on Remote Teams.

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