Yay! Questions

Learning should be celebrated!

celebration-bellDoes your organization appreciate the things you’ve learned? Do you applaud colleagues who do their jobs well? All too often, organizations live day by day, from one crisis to another, and they forget to take note of the good things that happened. By asking two important questions, and drawing a celebration grid, you can look for things to treasure.

The Management 3.0 practice of Yay! Questions can be used with the Celebration Grid or with any other practice of experimentation and learning. This practice is so simple that it can be applied to any retrospective or “How are we doing?” meeting. Like all practices, it emphasizes learning over right versus wrong, following the theory that when things go wrong, it’s best to focus on what did indeed go well.

The two main Yay! Questions are:

  • What did we do well?
  • What did we learn?

The first question focuses on what best practices were followed, while the latter focuses on experimenting and then learning. Both success and lessons learned are reasons to celebrate — with the ring of a victory bell, an applause, or a piece of cake!

Why not kick off regular meetings with Yay! questions today?

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