#Workout: Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Clients


Almost 500 full-color pages with awesome design, photos and illustrations!

“Can our organization be a little bit more like Pixar, Spotify, Netflix, Zappos, Virgin, Valve or IDEO? Is there something I can do to get a better company culture? Better collaboration? Better management?”

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Note: this book is out-of-print. It is re-released as Managing for Happiness by John Wiley & Sons in June 2016.

Are you ready to have better management with fewer managers? Are you ready to make sure everyone – no matter what her role – is involved in the management process? Are you ready to change the definition of leadership? Are you ready to enact change management? Increase employee engagement?

Then leadership guru Jurgen Appelo penned #Workout: Games, Tools and Practices to Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Clients just for you! At Management 3.0, we believe anyone can be a change agent in his organization. That’s why we offer you proactive games and best practices that are sure to empower your employees and improve results.

Among other things, this book looks to answer the most burning management questions:

– How can we measure team performance?
– How can we decide on salaries and bonuses?
– How can we define job titles and career paths?
– How can we replace performance appraisals?
– How can we motivate our workers?
– How can we change the organization’s culture?

Here’s what some of the world’s leadership experts and agile managers had to say about #Workout:

“Jurgen’s book is practical and fun, but most of all, it’s subversive. If you care enough to get started, you’ll discover that these tools will transform everything about your organization.”

“Brilliant, counter-intuitive, and creative approach to management. Very insightful and humanistic. Highly recommended!”
– DEREK SIVERS, Founder of CD Baby, TED speaker, author of Anything You Want

“In our always-on, real-time world, the nature of work has changed, potentially for the better. While people can be more autonomous and more productive, they can also self-destruct easier. Jurgen tackles these important changes in his fun and interesting book.”
– DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

“Engage people, improve work, and delight clients: these are the tenets of this amazing book, which will show you how to transform the entire layer of management in your organization into a wellspring creativity, productivity, and engagement. Excellent!”
– MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, a Thinkers 50, Top Ten Global Business Thinker and top-ranked Executive Coach

“Today all managers are marketers. You need to sell your ideas, your plans, and your solutions. Management 3.0 #Workout sets you on a path to success in a world where we are each responsible for managing our own career and our own contribution to the world.”
– PENELOPE TRUNK, author of Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success

“Want to know what the next stage of management may look like? Do yourself a favor and take a look at Management 3.0 #Workout by Jurgen Appelo. Chock full of management nuggets as well as exercises and activities, Management 3.0 #Workout provides insights into how to engage the next generation workforce.”
– JOHN BALDONI, author of MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership, chair at N2Growth

“Many authors make claims, but Jurgen Appelo delivers on them. He offers a combination of crisp, articulate thoughts in an easy, engaging read. If you’re looking for actionable advice that will help you build a better, stronger and more productive relationship with those you lead, then I’d highly recommend you read Jurgen’s book.”
– MIKE MYATT, author of Hacking Leadership, a Forbes leadership columnist, and founder at N2Growth

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