Leadership Practices on Diversity

Management 3.0 Module: Individuals & Interactions

Sure it sounds obvious, that it’s called human resources because of the humans…Correct? But more often than not modern management emphasizes looking at human beings simply as other resources that a company can obtain and dispose of.

If you are going to manage a business, you have to understand the different personalities, interests and individual needs that come together to make up your team. If you want to foster a company of happiness at work and of innovation, then diversity of mind, culture, skills, gender, race, ethnicity and total life experience are all very important in creating seamless team collaboration.

Diversity in Workplaces

Diversity helps to prevent single-mindedness, complacency and groupthink. It increases perspectives and a potential for creativity and innovation. Diversity achieves better forecasts and predictions.

Creating connections among followers is one of the most important tasks for leaders.

This module attempts to increase employee engagement and create genuine human connections so that great work done in a thriving atmosphere.

Management 3.0 Energizing People Workshop

This module is part of the Energizing People Workshop.

Better communication starts with deeper connections

This module has attendees brainstorming over different ways they can encourage a diverse and innovative mindset including:

  • The “watercooler”
  • One-to-Ones
  • Pair work
  • Peer assessments
  • 360-degree evaluations
  • After-office, out-of-office bonding activities
  • Social networks

Of course it brings in one of the most popular Management 3.0 Practices, Personal Maps, which builds empathy and understanding almost instantly.


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