Diversity in the Workplace

Individuals & Interactions Module

The Management 3.0 Module on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace – Sure it sounds obvious, that it’s called human resources because of the humans…Correct? But more often than not modern management emphasizes looking at human beings simply as other resources that a company can obtain and dispose of.

What will you learn?

  • Organizations are in the end all about people, and the relationships between people.
  • A definition of diversity, different components that make up diversity as well as the advantages of diversity.
  • The importance of creating connections between people as manager or leader.
  • How to use Personal Maps to grow connections between team members and teams.
  • Activities and practices to achieve more closeness within boundaries and achieve understanding across boundaries.
  • Why management is important and always needed.

Never forget that organizations are made of people and their relationships with each other. 

What will we discuss in this module?

  • Which practices stifle diversity or encourage diversity in your organization.
  • How can you create a system where people can grow relations between individuals, and increase interaction, without direct involvement of managers and leaders?
  • How can you grow trust between people in an organization?
Sketchnotes Module Individuals & Interactions
This module is all about the relationship of team members and the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace | Click to enlarge sketch notes

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