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Energizing People

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Energizing People

Friday 9th of December 2022 (Sold Out!)

Online Workshop Timezone:
Europe / Berlin

Spoken language:

Materials language: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
4 / 4


Take the chance to participate on the last Energizing People workshop!!!
Enhance your skills working with people. Become a better leader for your people and provide them greater support in the agile culture. People are the most important part of an organization and managers must do everything to keep them creative and motivated.

In this event, you will see how to promote interaction between people, as well as building trust between them.

This interactive workshop is highly recommended if you work as a manager, HR professional or any other position that relates working with people.

During the workshop we will discuss:

  • What is the difference between motivation, engagement and happiness?
  • How to improve employee satisfaction, loyalty and retention?
  • How to create higher awareness for your organization?
  • How to improve diversity, inclusion and worker happiness?

We will share a range of tools to get you started with your leadership initiative, that are easy to use, simple, creative and engaging for your people.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to gain practical tools and methods to start applying Agile to your work, increasing your productivity and effectiveness in leading organizational changes, increase retention, employer branding and eNPS.

Training agenda (December 9th, 17.00-21.00 CET)

Building organizations for engaged and motivated people

Create environment with high level of worker happiness

Improve the system for rewards and incentives

Design workplace with strong diversity and inclusion

What do you get?

As an attendee of the “Energizing People” workshop, you will receive certificate from Management 3.0 and your personal profile with badge, shared on LinkedIn.

You will receive Management 3.0 tools in printable version and also digital version to practice with your team.

The training is designed on several bestselling books and for some of them you’ll receive the summaries and key points.

Training delivery (December 9th, 17.00-21.00 CET)

This highly interactive and engaging workshop will consist of group work, analyzing case studies, playing role plays, team games…

The training will be delivered by Ilija Popjanev, M3.0 Facilitator, SM, PO, ICAgile Instructor. Check participants testimonials! You can also watch 5 min feedback video from workshop participants.

Training investment

The training investment includes workshop delivery, certificate and badge, several free to use tools, workshop hangouts, e-books and 24/7 online support and coaching upon finishing the event.

Grab your seat for the early bird price of 149 € now!! Discounted price is 199€ and the regular price is 249€!!

Upon registration, you’ll receive e-mail with payment details for the transaction.

Contact:; +38970206383 What's up

Looking forward meeting you at this amazing event.

Stay safe, Ilija

This is past event!
Thank you for the registration. Your registration has been sent to Ilija Popjanev. Ilija will contact you soon to provide more info on payment and other formalities. For further questions regarding this workshop please contact Ilija directly

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