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A Management 3.0 and Scrumban Agile Transformation

The “Agile Transformation” team at Bosch Power Tools is scaling agile methodology throughout the division. In a world with increasingly shorter innovation cycles and fast-changing requirements, we realized we had to tackle the challenges that globalization, digitalization and connectivity bring.

For our transformation we defined five dimensions of agility:

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Organization
  • Process & Methods
  • Strategy

We have a central project team of agile transformation which involves six persons. Furthermore each of our Business Units have one or two Product Owners for the agile transformation in the Units. We are transforming at the moment four business units,  and one — home and garden — is already transformed. Moreover each business unit has a cross-functional transition team. Still there is more to it than that – every associate should be involved in an agile transformation.

We chose to use Management 3.0 in supporting us scaling agile. Some teams are also using Scrumban. And we are working with sprints of two to three weeks and have a stand-up meeting for 30 minutes daily. If we plan our upcoming sprint, we always do a retrospective before to see what went well, what can be improved, and how to improve it.

Bosch Power Tools Kudo Wall

Management 3.0 influences each of these activities and has a large physical — and colorful! — presence around our office.

Why Management 3.0?

We believe that Management 3.0 is the future of management. Management is not just the responsibility of the manager, it is the responsibility of the team. We believe that we can achieve increased productivity and innovation by giving our team members more autonomy and by implementing cross-functional teams. Everyone has a role in transforming Bosch Power Tools. Target is to become a great place to work, where employees are satisfied, engaged and not slowed down by a command and control hierarchy.

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Which Management 3.0 practices do we use?

Recognition and appreciation are crucial for the way we work. To strengthen our principles of leadership and a collaborative company culture, we began using Kudo Cards to show our appreciation for each other. The practice quickly caught on.  

With Delegation Poker we motivate our colleagues to be more engaged and self-organized. Delegation Poker helps clarify the seven stages of delegation which allow to precise allocations of responsibilities. Everything is decided by the team.

What did Management 3.0 bring to our organization?

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

Using Management 3.0 practices, we encourage our team members to be a part of the cultural change we strive for. With Management 3.0 practices, we are changing the mindset in our organization from “I decide” to “We lead.” We see the positive effects of those practices in our culture every day. However, our journey is not complete – we will continue.

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