Management 3.0 Practice: Value Stories

Value Stories & Culture Books Create Value in Your Organization

“There are two kinds of values that both groups and individuals can recognize. Core values are the ones that come naturally to you. Without them, you wouldn’t be yourself. Wish values are the ones you aspire to have. For best effect, you should spin your values into a personal story.”


Print your own copy of the 250 most important intrinsic values.

That’s how leadership guru Jurgen Appelo kicks off the fifth chapter of Managing for Happiness. There’s no doubt that values are essential to your business. First you must recognize and protect what is already valuable, and only then can you create and add new values.

This chapter offers you the difference between core values and wish values and even provides you a Value List to let you identify each team member’s values before you can then identify team values.

We will also teach you how to create policies and employee handbooks to nurture those values. Are you ready to build value and increase employee engagement across your organization?

Management 3.0 in Action: More Value Stories tips & case stories:

“Today all managers are marketers. You need to sell your ideas, your plans and your solutions. Management 3.0 sets you on a path to success in a world where we are each responsible for managing our own career and our own contribution to the world.”
– PENELOPE TRUNK, author of Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success

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