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We at Management 3.0 can talk about the benefits of using our practices, playing our games and becoming a facilitator as much as we want, however to understand the true value of how Management 3.0 helps foster organizational change, we think it’s best you hear it through the people themselves.

Read case studies and testimonials to better understand the benefits of becoming a facilitator and why our more than 300 facilitators love working with people who care about becoming better leaders and managers.

Find out what companies who use our products are saying about how games and practices such as Moving Motivators, Delegation Poker and Kudo Cards have helped transform their organizational culture.

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The Management 3.0 workshops are fun and they offer you smart, actionable practices that you can use right away!

Management 3.0 Workshop by spoluHRame – Rastislav Duriš and Alena Durišová-Džuganová, Bratislava, Slovakia in November 2018

The first workshops I facilitated with Management 3.0 showed me how powerful it is and how people can understand the messages. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback and now my trainees can apply Management 3.0 in their professional lives and even some of them use it in their personal lives.

Romain Olives, Management 3.0 Facilitator

The games & exercises were great! In particular, I liked the Metrics Matrix, CHAMPFROGS, Delegation Poker, and Meddlers. I also liked the Change Management 3.0 Module & the change exercise – it really brought everything together into four aspects of change that’s spot on with the type of work I do with clients & teams.

Susan Gibson, agile coach at LeanDog, USA
Management 3.0 Workshop Happiness Door
Many Facilitators use a Happiness Door to indicate feedback

We are excited to have dozens and dozens of Management 3.0 case stories pouring in, giving examples of how various companies in various industries are working to apply and adapt our practices. We’d love to hear yours too!

The exercises were very enlightening, whether in sharing my own experiences or listening to others – it certainly caused me to pause and reflect upon my own “style” and recognize opportunities for growth.

David Soule, section manager at Erie Insurance Group, USA

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