Using an Agile mindset for the complex World

Agile Product Development Module

This module explains why Agile is relevant for some organizations today. Things are changing faster and faster and the world gets more complex and complicated everyday. Using an Agile mindset could be a way to deal with this new world.

What will you learn?

  • The reasons why an agile approach for product development can give benefits over a traditional approach.
  • The Agile Software Development Manifesto, and how it inspired the agile way of working.
  • The eight fundamentals components of agile product development: People, Functionality, Quality, Tools, Time, Value, Process and Conflict.
  • What is the difference between a project versus product mindset and why would you prefer a product mindset.

How do different frameworks, and practices relate to agile.

  • The basics of Scrum: roles, events and artifacts.
  • The values of the Scrum framework and how they relate to scrum and your way of working.
  • The difference in being agile and doing agile. Agile is a mindset, a way of working.

What will we discuss in this module?

  • What is agile for you, and why is it perceived as a buzzword by some people?
  • How do the Scrum values support your way of working?
  • How does an agile way of working impact management and leadership?
Sketchnotes Agile Product Development
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The Agile Product Development module is part of the following workshops:

Certified Management 3.0 Agile in HR Workshop Attendee
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Certified Management 3.0 Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop Attendee
Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop

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