Recruiting and selecting the right people for your team is vital for success

Hiring Great People Module

Forty percent of employers globally report talent shortages and find it hard to make the right hires, citing a lack of qualified applicants with the right skills. The question is, are they tackling the hiring process in the best way? Hiring for effective change management is challenging and this module will help you reflect on your practices at each of the critical stages involved. This Management 3.0 Module will help you plan and carry out an effective recruitment process for all creative and technical roles, enabling you to grow your team successfully and achieve even greater employee engagement.

What will you learn?

  • Understand why it is challenging to find good co-workers, and how organizations try to solve this.
  • What is a fixed mindset, and a growth mindset. How do they relate to each other?
  • The four steps of recruitment: defining the job, searching, interviewing, and hiring.

4 Steps of Recruitment

1.Defining the job
What is required for the role, what will the successful candidate have to do? Define the job first, rather than the candidate’s attributes.

2. Searching for candidates
Widening the net, leveraging referrals appropriately, and treat recruitment as a marketing exercise which is the responsibility of the whole team

3. Interviewing effectively
Exploring reactions and behaviors as well as competencies and managing your impression on candidates

4. Hiring
….Or not hiring and managing rejecting unsuccessful candidates respectfully. Keep in mind: No matter how urgent a role is, don’t compromise on hiring quality. It’ll backfire.

  • How to write a compelling and attractive job post. Why focus on the why skills are needed instead of a list of skills.
  • The strength and weaknesses of using referrals to find new employees. Understanding recruitment is a shared responsibility of all employees.
  • Understand the importance of the interview, the interview is an opportunity for the candidate and organization to learn about each other.
  • What behavioral questions are and how to use the model STAR to ask questions.
  • The weaknesses of personality tests and strengths of workshops.
  • Understand you should not compromise on your hiring requirements, and there is only one outcome: hire or no hire.
  • The value of creating ambassadors during the recruitment process.

Hire for organization cultural fit, a fit will energize people.

What will we discuss in this module?

  • Who should be involved in the hiring process, how is management and leadership involved?
  • What are the most important reasons for a candidate to say yes to an offer, or prefer your organization?
  • What are your tips and tricks for a good interview?
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