Innovation through Collaboration

Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop

Lead co-creation initiatives in your organization to foster innovation and continuous improvement for a successful and sustainable organization.

Certified Management 3.0 Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop Attendee

How do you foster innovation in your organization? How do you collaborate to achieve more together, in cross-functional teams, breaking up silos across departments, no matter where you are located?
In the Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop, a follow up after you learned about the principles and practices in the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop, you will learn what it means to work agile. Moreover, what differentiates doing agile from being agile.

Get ready to unlock your leadership potential and create a work environment where collaboration flourishes, innovation thrives, and your organization achieves new heights.

You will leave with knowledge on what it takes to collaborate post-pandemic. Learn about hybrid teams working from anywhere in mixed set-ups. And learn how this can be to your advantage, when designed right. You will be introduced to the Management 3.0 innovation guidelines and how to structure better meetings that make a difference.

Innovation through Co-Creation in a Hybrid Work Environment

Content covered in this Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop

  • Discover the true essence of agility and differentiate between simply “doing” agile and embodying an agile mindset. Describe the difference between doing and being agile.
    Module: Agile Product Development
  • Unleash the full potential of creativity within your organization and harness it as a catalyst for innovation and competitive advantage. Define how to leverage creativity for you and your organization.
    Module: Creativity & Innovation
Innovation through Co-Creation in a Hybrid Work Environment
  • Master the art of facilitating meetings that add value, engage participants, and drive meaningful outcomes for all involved.
    Module: Better Meetings

Are you ready to supercharge collaboration and innovation in your organization? Break down silos, unleash cross-functional teamwork, and achieve extraordinary results no matter where your team is located?

Pre-Requisites for attending the Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop

The Foundation Workshop and the Agility in HR Workshop is where you learn the essential pillars and tools of Management 3.0.

It is required that you attend one of these before attending the Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop or have earned yourself a Certificate of Practice before.

This is a follow-up workshop which leverages the full potential of the initial training.

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