Principles rarely change, but practices always depend on the context

Principles Module

In this module, that is part of the introduction part of our main workshop formats, you will get to know about the five main principles of Management 3.0

What will you learn?

Principle #1 Engaging people and their interactions
Get people involved in the work, get people involved in interacting with each other. Increase interactions between people.

Management 3.0 Principles: Improve

Principle #2 Improving the system
A Management 3.0 practice should improve the system. The system is not just one team, everyone interacting with the team is part of the system. We believe in a win-win. We should try to improve the whole system and  not just one part of the system.

Management 3.0 Principles: Delight

Principle #3 Helping to delight all clients
Clients are not just our external customers, we consider everyone involved in the system a client. Co-workers, other teams, customers, shareholders, etc… We should try to delight all clients, not just the stakeholders or just our co-workers.

Management 3.0 Principles: Manage

Principle #4 Managing the system, not the people

We believe that it is hard to change behavior of people. However, when you change their environment, people will have to adapt and change their behavior to fit into the new environment. Also by changing the environment people can manage themselves. Management is just about nurturing the garden.

Management 3.0 Principles: Co-create

Principle #5 Co-creating work
Co-workers create things together, and co-creating is also about giving feedback to each other. Co-create behavior.

Principles rarely change, but practices always depend on the context

What will we discuss in this module?

  • What is harder, manage the system or manage the people, and why?
  • Can you measure if principles are applied correctly? If so, how?
  • If you agree on a set of principles in an organization and people don’t live up to those principles, what do you do?
Management 3.0 Principles

The Principles module is part of the following workshops:

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