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Activities & Ideas to Improve Company Culture

At Management 3.0 we want to change the world of work and the best way to do that is by creating activities to improve company culture. What a company stands for is as important as how people embrace the organizational culture and operate in it on a daily basis. Having clear values can significantly contribute towards good behaviour and a better culture.

Strenghten your Workplace Culture with Culture Books

When conveying company values there are few tools to improve corporate culture as uninspiring as employee handbooks. They’re boring and bureaucratic and most people don’t even read them. However, there is a way to combat this and that’s by personalizing the workplace culture and writing about things that are important to you. Companies can do this by creating a culture book. It doesn’t require a lot of money just a bit of innovation. Start by asking your team for value stories that exemplify your workplace culture and then build on it from there.

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A fun team activity to improve organizational culture: Personal Maps

One of the best tools to build corporate culture and to better understand your team and what’s important to them, is by participating in the fun activity of creating and sharing personal maps. Teams can do this by moving their feet, moving their desk, or moving their microphone, the idea is to decrease distance between yourself and others. One of the best ways to do this, especially if you’re not in the same physical office is by creating a mind map to tell your own story, while inviting your colleagues in to get to know you better.

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A Company Culture based on Values: Value Story Practice

One great idea to improve organizational culture is to focus on values, which is currently all the rage. However, the question remains: Do you know what you consider to be valuable? Does your team know what their values are? There’s a difference between core values, wish values and organizational values and what’s important is knowing what’s valuable to you so you can protect what you already have and start creating new values as well.

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Improve your Workplace Culture with Identity Symbols

Managing identity is about managing belonging and a great tool to improve workplace culture and one that makes it a lot easier is when people feel that sense of belonging. This can be hard to do when there’s no clear name or image or symbol to identify with. Imagine how hard it would be to manage a family, with its family members, family history, family properties and family traditions, if there were no family name. It’s the same with teams, organizational culture and other groups. If we want a person to feel part of a group and balance the needs of the group against his or her own desires, the group will need a name and image that is at least as strong as that person’s.

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Sketchnotes Values and Culture
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At Management 3.0 we focus a lot of effort on ideas to improve company culture, managing and embracing company culture and more importantly doing so with practical and tangible tools that are easy to implement. The values we hold and embrace are the building blocks and the core for what drives us as individuals and in turn as companies.

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You cannot change an organization’s culture but what you can change the tools to improve corporate culture as well as the the guideposts, transparency and boundaries. Find out more about how to improve company culture with our Management 3.0 culture and value module, which you’ll learn how to use in one of our excellent workshops. The primary function of leadership is to nurture organizational culture through values and there’s no doubt that there’s a big difference between the values written on corporate letterhead and the reality of so-called company culture. So delve into the practical and sign up for one of our insightful workshops to learn more about how to improve and build upon your own company’s culture.

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