How to Grow a Company Culture

Management 3.0 Module: Values and Culture

Clarity of values can make a significant contribution toward good behaviors and a better culture. The primary function of leadership is to nurture culture through values.

There’s no doubt that there’s a BIG difference between the values written on corporate letterhead and the reality of so-called company culture. At Management 3.0, we want to change the world of work and company culture is a huge part of that.

Where can we start? Ask your team:

  • What do we care about?
  • What do we want to be?
  • How do we want to act?
  • Now, how do we define our values to define behavior and improve results?

Your job as leader is to cultivate those values and culture by building frameworks that enable societal value, with consistency and trustworthiness.

The trick is to invite and/or discourage certain behaviors.

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You cannot change an organization’s culture. What you can change is the guideposts, transparency and boundaries.

Good Practice

Culture is a by-product of consistent behavior.

  • Create guideposts: Make a value list and create a culture book
  • Create transparency: Share stories of enacted values following espoused values
  • Create boundaries: Discourage bad behaviors. Encourage good behaviors


Pick your values. Use these values to create guideposts. Share value stories and create a work expo as a visual reminder of those values at the office. You can even create days where your company focuses on these chosen values, sharing your own stories and sharing them with stories of other organizations. Create a video to celebrate the values and stories you’ve shared. Post on the company intranet or really show off your company values and post it on social media.

Don’t Wait! Start the values conversation today. Download our free value list and do the value exercise within your team today.

Then take part in valuable games and exercises to do with your team to enhance those values and to grow a company culture, by attending a Management 3.0 event near you!

What you can expect in this module

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