Management 3.0 Practice: Work Expo

When you can visualize your purpose, it is likely you have found it.

Every business should start with one question: Why? Why do people decide to work together? An effective way to get this question answered by is by creating an exposition of your work. Find stories that explain what you’re doing and why, and visualize these stories with pictures, videos and artifacts.

work-expoexposition colorWe have already talked about how you can use Value Stories to determine the core values and wish values your teams and your company share. And we talked about how they can go into a fully revamped employee handbook called a Culture Book. But what if your team is more visual?

Work Expo is a fun, interactive way to create a visual reminder of your team’s values. Use a combination of  storytelling and mood boards to allow you and your employees to give a physical reminder of your team values. Let teammates add their own art, photos, screenshots, emails from happy customers, or Kudo Cards. Find a wall and fill it with mementos from the past that serve as an example of the future.

“When you are able to create a nice exposition about the work in your team, department, or organization, it is likely that you have found and visualized your purpose.”

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Video: Johan Nyberg, founder of KnowIt Management: ‘How a Work Expo can keep your team focused on Purpose’

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