Leadership training for Experienced Product Managers

Product Owner Leadership Training

It’s not easy being a product owner and driving projects for teams. That’s why so many product owners invest in leadership workshops and trainings to enhance their skills and understand what it takes to successfully drive a project forward.

Management 3.0 Training Modules for Product Owners

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A Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop usually covers 8 modules, some of them are of high value for scrum product owners:

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Enhance your Product Manager Leadership Skills with the Management and Leadership module

Learn more about product owner leadership skills: Delve into the history of Management, get introduced to what Management 3.0 means and what a manager is supposed to care about. Get insights on the principles of Management 3.0 and what they mean for your role as a product manager.

Become a better product owner, who is able to manage and lead your team by improving worker happiness.

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Delegation as a Product Manager Leadership Skill

One of the keys to being a successful product owner is knowing how to foster high-performing teams that are set up to succeed. Delegation and empowerment is key if you want to do this properly and something all product owners should learn, especially if they care about improving their leadership skills. People behave according to how they are treated so why not take a leadership training workshop to become an excellent product manager.

Learn more about the Delegation and Empowerment module

Management 3.0 Training for experienced Produc Owners

The product owner drives the project forward and without proper leadership leadership and skills it’s hard to be effective at this. Our Management 3.0 workshops are excellent forums for leadership training for experienced product managers as well as those who are just getting started.

Management 3.0 workshops are organized by licensed Facilitators all around the world. Each training is highly adapted to its audience so make sure to ask your trainer if you as a product owner have specific needs in what to discuss and to train.

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