The Value of Purpose in Organizations

Meaning & Purpose Module

This module is about how purpose matters to all businesses and it focuses on how that purpose must go farther than simply growth, expansion or bank statements. We want everyone who is involved in a business to find it valuable.

Purpose-driven Business

An organizations’ purpose should benefit a part of society, inspire and motivate its workers and involve and direct all its stakeholders.

Work is not just about getting things done, it’s more about making lives better.

What will you learn?

  • Why is it important to have a purpose, and why growing and profit is not a sustainable purpose.
  • Who is responsible for creating, maintaining and sharing a purpose
  • What are the benefits of having a good purpose, and also the dangers of having a purpose.
  • The difference between traditional and modern goal setting.
  • How to review your purpose using four different categories, good service, true discovery, beautiful excellence or heroic courage.
  • How storytelling can help your organization to discover its purpose.
  • Understanding that to define a purpose is step one, but the real work is keeping it alive.
  • The advantage of using work expositions and visual goal setting to make your purpose alive and tangible.
  • Ideas how to verify if your purpose is clear and alive in your organization.

If the purpose of a company is merely growth, it is not different from a tumor.

What will we discuss in this module?

  • Can a team have a different purpose than the organization? How to deal with conflicting purposes?
  • How do define or find the purpose of an organization and who is responsible for the purpose?
  • Do you think having a clear purpose is more important for young professionals, and why would this be the case (or not)?
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The Meaning & Purpose module is part of the following workshops:

Certified Management 3.0 Agile in HR Workshop Attendee
Agility in HR Workshop
Certified Management 3.0 Agile People Leadership Workshop Attendee
Agile People Leadership Workshop


Good to know: The Meaning & Purpose module belongs to How to Align Constraints, the view that also serves the modules Values and Culture as well as Metrics & OKRs.


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