Agile People Leadership Workshop

Managing the system, not the people, is more important than ever in leadership.
Transform your organization by combining best strategies and practices.

You cannot make people feel motivated or engaged. What you can do is set up the right

Agile People Leadership Workshop
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In this Agile People Leadership Workshop you will look into how to create an
organization that is future-ready, an organization that is based on a strong purpose which
people can connect to
. You will gain insights on what makes people tick and what difference
emotionally intelligent leaders can make in your organization. You will discuss strategies on
how to hire great people – and how to retain top talent with future-proof reward systems in

Modules covered in Agile People Leadership Workshop

Learning Outcomes Agile People Leadership Workshop

At the end of this workshop and your active participation in all sessions, you will be able to:

  • Formulate your team’s or organization’s purpose
  • Describe what the characteristics of Emotional Intelligent people are and how to foster the development of Emotional Intelligence within your organization
  • Differentiate between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and then learn how to cultivate a growth mindset in your team
  • Apply STAR(T) Behavioral Questions for better and respectful interviews
  • Identify better reward schemes and set up an effective system for your team or organization

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