How to run better business meetings

Management 3.0 Plus Module: Better Meetings

Nothing is less exciting than the prospect of a meeting. While some meetings aren’t necessary and others need to be time-boxed better, meeting with our teammates and sharing thoughts, ideas, opinions and solutions is an important exercise.

But how do you make them less dreadful?
How do you stop having useless meetings?
How do you design memorable meetings?

These are the questions this Management 3.0 plus module looks to answer. The module tackles something that all managers and teammates alike struggle with. In fact executives spend on average a third of their days in meetings and spend 25-50 percent of the time feeling like it’s an utter waste.

How to run better business meetings

Shorter meetings are more productive than longer ones. Meetings are not to sell your actions, but rather to share value and to decide on actions together. You should openly iterate and make actions to increase collaboration and energize your team.

One topic per meeting. Meetings shouldn’t be systemized. They only make sense when the topic or issue at hand is challenging or emotional and it would be better to address the concerns and questions of your co-workers. You should ensure that attendees remember to attend, remember what happened and remember what their tasks and responsibilities are.

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