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Management 3.0 Module: 12 Steps to Happiness

Learn employee engagement activities for happiness at work (and in life!)

Worker happiness is one of the best-known ways to increase employee motivation. When we are happier, we are usually more productive, right? And we are certainly more innovative and more collaborative teammates. But it’s just not always clear how to make our employees happier.

This Management 3.0 module draws on the experiences of Daniel Gilbert’s Stumbling on Happiness, Zappos’ Delivering Happiness, Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage and the stories of day-to-day businesses to offer you concrete ways to increase worker happiness — and perhaps increase your own happiness as well!


There’s no doubt that worker happiness is a complex topic. Add to that how happiness at work is affected by external forces like family, friends and health, just how our jobs flow outside the nine to five to affect those other elements.

The Management 3.0 Worker Happiness Module prepares you to tackle this challenging but essential leadership topic with the scientifically backed 12 Steps to Happiness:

12 Steps to Happiness v1.00 - Poster (color)

Download the 12 Steps to Happiness poster to display at the office or home!

Then we encourage attendees to create their own Action Plan for Happiness. And we offer you tools for how to measure the that happiness, like the Happiness Door.

This module helps you encourage employee engagement and happiness by helping them realize that happiness is a decision and mindset, all about being present in the moment.


Want to meet peers who are looking to make workers happier? Want to influence change management so everyone can be happy at work? Attend a Management 3.0 Workshop today!

More tips & case stories on happiness at work (and life!):

Check out our Leadership Resource Hub to learn about all the Management 3.0 practices. And don’t forget to read the whole book on Managing for Happiness!

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