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Agile Change Leadership Workshop

Agile Change Leadership Workshop  

Tuesday 6th of August 2024 • 09:00
Timezone: Europe / Paris

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Europe / Paris

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Materials language: English

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This workshop is intended as a follow-up after the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop or the discontinued Management 3.0 Fundamentals Workshop.

In a world of constant change and technological innovation, where volatility and response time become a survival factor in organizations, companies are looking for new ways to respond to these changes, including new practices and models. The Agile Change Leadership Workshop introduces the Management 3.0 Change Model in-depth, examines the components, and gives guidance on how to use them for your daily business to drive transformation. Furthermore, you will look into what it means for organizations to experiment, how the introduction of OKRs can help you, and how to introduce them in the most effective ways.

This online and interactive Agile Change Leadership Workshop is highly recommended if you work as a Manager, SM, PO, PM, HR, Supervisor... looking to adopt an Agile mindset and skills to lead organizations through the VUCA world.

Learning outcomes

By attending this course you will learn about the people component of change, understanding change happens in a Complex Adaptive System (CAS), and the importance of running experiments to learn and to be able to adapt a change approach. Furthermore, you will look into what it means for organizations to experiment, learn about failure, and how the introduction of OKRs can help you and your organization become more agile. Key course takeaways:

Change Management Advanced Module

  • The most common reasons projects fail and how to prevent this.
  • How does the Adoption Curve identify different groups of people during a change project?
  • Activities you can do to support people during a change.
  • The impact of change on people using the Satir Change Model.
  • The importance of running experiments to learn and adapt your change project.
  • Using the hypothesis template to define experiments.
  • Understanding how different elements in CAS influence each other.
  • Using the Connection Circle to analyze a Complex Adaptive System (CAS).

Success and Failure and Metrics and OKR’s

  • Which organization structures work best for running experiments and learning?
  • The Celebration Grid, how to relate behavior with outcome and results?
  • How to create psychological safety and learning behavior.
  • How measuring a system will influence a system?
  • Why do we have metrics, is this good or bad? And why?
  • The 12 rules for good metrics.
  • What are Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and how to use them?
  • Why metrics and OKRs are so powerful leadership tools?

The learning experience document is available here.

Tools and practices

During this workshop, we'll work with a range of tools to get you started with your initiative on leading Agile Change. They are easy to use, simple, creative, powerful and engaging.

The following tools and practices will be covered: Experiment Hypothesis, Connection Circles, Adoption Curve Card Game, Celebration Grids, Yay! Questions, OKRs, Happiness Door and Kudo Cards.

What do you get?

As an attendee of the “Agile Change Leader Workshop”, you will receive a personal badge and certificate of attendance from Management 3.0.

You will also receive many topic-related tools in printable versions and the extract of the virtual Mural board.

The training is inspired by several bestselling books.

Training delivery

This highly interactive and engaging workshop will be delivered through Teams and Mural. We will work in groups, practicing M3.0 games and tools in a highly interactive environment.

You’ll get the links for the platforms just after registration.

You’ll need to provide a stable internet connection, camera, microphone, and goodwill :)

The training will be delivered by Romain Olives (, an experienced Lean, Agile, and Management 3.0 Coach | Professional Coach and instructor for many courses.

Training investment

The training investment includes workshop delivery, certificate and badge, several free-to-use tools, participants' guide, and access to the online platform.

If your company is paying, please write the company name and address in the comment field. If you're paying yourself, please write your name, surname, and living address.

The organizer may reschedule the event if the number of attendees is less than 4.

Ask for a corporate proposal for in-house training or a group of more than 4 people!

You can reach me for more info at:

See you soon!


Ticket prices


550 EUR (Taxes excluded)
Offer ends on Tuesday 31st of December 2024

This workshop is organized by Romain Olives. Your registration will be sent to Romain directly.

This is a follow-up workshop after attending a Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop. See the workshop description for more info and prerequisites.

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