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Energizing People

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14th - 15th of December 2020 (Register now!)

Online Workshop Timezone:
Europe / Lisbon

Spoken language:

Materials in: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
4 / 2


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Have you already attended the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop or Fundamentals Online Workshop?

It is time for the next level! Learn more about how to energize people with the Energizing People Plus Workshop. In this new workshop you’ll dive into how to increase Worker Happiness, Individuals and their Interactions, and Rewards and Incentives.

The following are the topics covered

Modules covered in this workshop are:

Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online

  1. Worker Happiness
  2. Individuals and Interactions
  3. Rewards and Incentives


Games and Exercises


All topics include at least one game or exercise where the attendees put into practice the ideas of the course in groups of four to six people. The goal is to make sure attendees can apply the topics they learn about next day in their organization.


After every game and exercise, we will look back. This will give people the opportunity to share what they learned, new insights or experiences they would like to share. The more people interact and discuss, the more they will learn.




This workshop is organized by Ricardo Fernandes. Your registration will be sent to Ricardo directly.

Attending this workshop will not allow you to automatically become a Management 3.0 Facilitator. However, you can become a Facilitator another way: First you need to earn a Certificate of Practice. Once you have received the Certificate of Practice you can apply to become a Facilitator.

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