The people component of change

Change Management Advanced Module

How can we support people in change? How can we overcome resistance to change? How can we create our own change management approach?

This Change Management Advanced Module builds up on what you have already learned in our Change Management Foundation module but focuses more on the people component of change, understanding change happens in a complex adaptive system (CAS)  and the important of running experiments to learn and to be able to adapt a change approach. Where the Foundation Change Management module only touched the four change models that are part of our supermodel, now we dive in deeper, look at people and learn about a tool how we can gain insight in a complex adaptive system. 

What will you learn?

  • The most common reasons projects fail and how to prevent this
  • How the PDCA model can be used to change the system
  • The impact of change on people using the Satir Change Model
  • How the ADKAR® model can be used to support the people
  • Activities you can do to support people during a change
  • How the Adoption Curve identified different groups of people during a change project
  • How to use the Five I’s to change the environment in a change project
  • Understanding how different elements in CAS influence each other
  • The importance of running experiments to learn and adapt your change project

Run as many experiments as you can; to learn as fast as possible and to be able to adapt your change approach.

What will we discuss in this module?

  • What are the most common reasons change projects fail?
  • Change be done top-down or bottom-up. How can you  find the right balance in a change project?
  • Who or what needs to make the biggest change to support most change projects?
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Certified Management 3.0 Agile Change Leadership Workshop Attendee

Good to know: The Change Management Advanced module is part of the Management 3.0 courseware. It belongs to How to Improve Everything, the view that also serves the modules Change Management that is part of our Foundation Workshop and Success and Failure as well as Creativity & Innovation