Innovative Organizations

Management 3.0 Module: Creativity & Innovation

Creativity is imagining. Innovation is doing. There’s no doubt that no matter what the size, your business needs to foster creativity and innovation together to stay competitive and to retain awesome teammates.


Creative workers replace knowledge workers and managers must learn to nurture creativity

Seven Rules for Creativity Managers

What is a creativity manager? They are the natural leaders in any setting who want to nurture diversity, break boundaries and be the innovators in their industry.

Here’s the common formula they all follow, knowingly or not:

1. Nurture diversity
Dislike brains being the same.

3. Rely on merits
Embrace networks and gameplay.

5. Update the workplace
Work the environment.

7. Open boundaries
Connect instead of protect.

2. Create markets
Favor coopetition in networks.

4. Make no predictions
Keep many options open.

6. Change constraints
Optimize for exploration.

The goal is to look at your organization with the diversity and beauty of a coral reef, where you recognize there needs to be freedom for creativity and innovation.

But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. While we as a society have a long way to go, there are amazing examples for us to follow, so start fostering an atmosphere of open conversation and ask your teammates to do the same. 


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