Management 3.0 Module: Better Feedback

How do you give feedback that's actionable, yet self-organizing?

37 percent of managers are uncomfortable giving direct employee feedback. Here are five reasons they should start trying:

  1. Constructive feedback keeps the team moving forward.
  2. Both positive and negative feedback contribute to building trust and shared purpose.
  3. Feedback contributes to growth and happiness.
  4. There cannot be change without constructive feedback.
  5. Feedback helps us focus on continuous improvement and learning.

This Management 3.0 PLUS Module is part of the Develop Competence branch of our interactive curriculum. It offers the importance of giving actionable feedback, and then offers a way to overcome the often awkward nature of giving feedback in a constructive way.

It includes a role-play exercise where you play both sides of a feedback exchange. And, of course, we teach you how to ditch that compliment sandwich once and for all for a Feedback Wrap!

Learn valuable games and exercises that help you provide actionable, memorable, and interactive feedback, by attending a Management 3.0 event near you!

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