Management 3.0 Module: Individuals & Interactions

Diversity in Collaboration

“Never forget organizations are made up of people and their relationships with one another.”

Sure, it sounds obvious — it’s called human resources because of the humans, right? — but more often than not, modern management emphasizes looking at human beings as just other resources a company can obtain and dispose of. If you are going to manage a business, you have to understand the different personalities, interests and individual needs that come together to make up your team. And if you want to foster a company of happiness at work and of innovation, diversity of mind, culture, skills, gender, race, ethnicity and total life experience are important to great team collaboration.

“Diversity helps to prevent single-mindedness, complacency and groupthink. Diversity increases perspectives and a potential for creativity and innovation.”

This is what this Management 3.0 PLUS module focuses on. What’s the PLUS for? It’s not part of our core eight-module Foundations Workshop, but an opportunity for our facilitators and you our attendees to customize courses better suited to your management needs.

This module looks to help you foster better employee engagement and truly human connections that foster truly intrinsic motivation for great work done at a great workplace.

This module has attendees brainstorming over different ways you can encourage a diverse and innovative mindset including:

  • The “watercooler”
  • One-to-Ones
  • Pair work
  • Peer assessments
  • 360-degree evaluations
  • After-office, out-of-office bonding activities
  • Social networks

And, of course, it brings in one of the most popular Management 3.0 Practices of all time Personal Maps which builds empathy and understanding almost instantly.

Want to see this module in action? Why not sign up for a Management 3.0 workshop near you?!

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