Management 3.0 Module: Meaning and Purpose

How to find purpose in your organization

“Every business should start with one question–Why? Why do people decide to work together? An effective way to get this question answered is by creating wan exposition of your work. Find stories that explain what you’re doing and why, and visualize these stories with pictures, videos, and artifacts.”

That’s how we kick off the this chapter of Jurgen Appelo’s Managing for Happiness. In a nutshell, this chapter is about how purpose matters to all businesses. And that purpose must go farther than simply growth, expansion or bank statements. We want everyone who is involved in a business to find it valuable.

MeaningAndPurpose_Slide8_ThreeThumbsUp-01This Management 3.0 Workshop Module will help you define the Why behind it all by following these steps:

  1. Start with Why
  2. How to Not just focus on Clients
  3. How to Not just focus on Goal Setting
  4. How to Not just focus on Mission Statements
  5. How to Not just focus on POSIWID
  6. Storytelling
  7. How to Show, not Tell
  8. Mood Boards

We know that you want to be a better manager. We know that you want to be a better team leader. We know that you want to be a better teammate. We are confident that Managing for Happiness can help you do just that by following our proactive best practices and steps to increase employee engagement and overall success.

“Engage people, improve work, and delight clients: these are the tenants of this amazing book, which will show you how to transform the entire layer of management in your organization into a wellspring creativity, productivity, and engagement. Excellent!” – MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, author of Thinkers 50, Top Ten Global Business Thinker, and top-ranked executive coach

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