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How can you become a fabulous team leader? What does it take to inspire those around you? Our Management 3.0 workshops are the perfect fit if you’re looking to enhance your team leadership skills and be the best manager that you can be. Meet like-minded people by taking a leadership seminar to better motivate and work with your teams. Book your team leader course nearby today!

Essential Team Leader Skills

Being an effective team leader means that you’re willing to invest in yourself whether that comes in the form of taking a seminar, a leadership training course or finding innovative ways to enhance your skills, it’s important to keep on learning. Management 3.0’s workshops focus on the practical and tangible skills that will help you create high-performing teams.

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Management 3.0 Team Leader Training Modules & Topics

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A Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop usually covers 8 modules, some of them are of high value for team leaders who want to improve their leadership skills:

Training Module: Management and Leadership for Team Leaders

We can only improve worker happiness when everyone feels responsible for management and without understanding what it takes to be a team leader, it’s hard to take ownership of that. Our team leadership training focuses on learning to manage the system and not the people so that we start thinking of an organization as a community or city, everyone invests in leadership skills and is (partly) responsible for contributing to its success.

Learn more about the Management and Leadership module

Team Leader Training Topics: How to motivate your team

What does it take to keep your team motivated and inspired? During a team leader course, business leaders and human resource managers often discuss how “lack of employee engagement” is one of their top priorities. It’s not easy to keep people motivated, which is why this module focuses on that specific area. We can’t make people feel motivated or engaged but we can set the right conditions that will maximize the probability that it’ll happen.

Learn more about the Motivation and Engagement module

Improve your Team Leader skills: How to delegate as a Team Leader

We’re always talking about delegation, but let’s dive into this, why is delegation so important, especially when being a team leader? People behave according to how they are treated, which is something Management 3.0 focuses on a lot during the training courses. When leaders learn the valuable skill of delegating, it increases status, power and control and a system with distributes control has a better chance of survival than a system with centralized control.

Learn more about the Delegation and Empowerment module

How to build your team to a high-performing team

Building high-performance teams isn’t hard if you have the right leadership skills and if you know the importance of team development. Teams can’t achieve their goals if its members aren’t capable enough. So what makes a team competent? Lead by example, encourage, and coach.

Management 3.0 has plenty of excellent leadership tools and practices which you as a team leader can use right away including the team competency matrix, 360 feedback, exploration days and more.

Rule of thumb for Team Leaders: Manage the system, not the people

At Management 3.0 we’re all about managing the system and not the people and it takes strong team leadership skills to help create that environment. An organization should operate like a city where some parts emerge bottom-up while others are designed top-down. The art of management is finding the right balance between these two approaches.

If you want to create a high-performing team there’s no better way to do this than by investing in team leadership training and adopting leadership skills that speak to your company’s values and philosophies. Book a leadership training course for team leaders near you:

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