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What is Management 3.0?

Management 3.0 is a series of leadership and team collaboration workshops, a book, and an international movement. It is the belief that management is too important to be left to the managers, and that everyone together can improve work life, employee empowerment and results. It is a believe that more can be learned in half an hour of a game than a month of meetings. Here you can learn all about Management 3.0 and its methods.

Will Management 3.0 make me a better leader?

No. That’s all on you. Don’t think you can walk out of a course or read one of our books and you will suddenly know it all. YOU have to do it. Everything we do with Management 3.0 is to give you employe engagement exercises and games that you can try with your team right away. With everything you ask yourself, “What can I do tomorrow?” We are very much about the practical – so your success as a leader comes from you putting our best practices into practice.

How do I sign up for a Management 3.0 event?

Visit our Event Schedule Page to find links to sign up directly to events. Don’t see one soon near you? An event request form will pop up. Or you can contact one of our facilitators directly.


When will Management 3.0 come to my country? When is Jurgen coming to my town?

The spirit of Management 3.0 is everywhere, any time someone is trying to influence positive change in their organization, and the in-person Management 3.0 workshops are already in 80 countries. Here is the list of upcoming workshops run by our more than 150 fabulous facilitators. If you don’t see one where or when you want it, simply fill in the request form and we will have a local facilitator contact you or you can pick a facilitator to contact directly.

If you want to become a facilitator but can’t attend a workshop in your area, you can also go for a Certificate of Practice which will let you also access a facilitators’ license, allowing you to be the first to bring Management 3.0 to your area.

Jurgen Appelo doesn’t do Management 3.0 workshops anymore but you can visit his website to learn about how he could do a keynote. We have more than 300 talented facilitators ready to work with you!

Can I have a special Management 3.0 Workshop at my office? Do you offer private on-site trainings?

Absolutely! It’s best to start with where you want to hold the workshop and look for a facilitator that gives workshops in that area. (Many are happy to travel.) Facilitators are happy to adapt workshops for each group’s needs.

How much do these workshops cost? What happens if a workshop is cancelled? 

Organization of the Management 3.0 workshops is decentralized and each Management 3.0 facilitator runs things his or her own way. Please contact your facilitator directly for any terms, conditions, location, pricing, scheduling changes or cancellations.

Who are the Management 3.0 Facilitators?

They are hundreds of men and women around the world. They are people just like you who wanted to be change agents within their organizations, so they took the Management 3.0 course or tested the Management 3.0 practices on their teams. They influenced change in their own organizations by using some of the Management 3.0 best practices and games. For many of them, Management 3.0 is one of many trainings they offer, often including businesses coaches, agile coaches, lean coaches, corporate culture coaches and more. They are a diverse group of licensed facilitators, but they certainly share a passion for improving businesses and lives, knowing the two usually go together.  Meet the Facilitators here.

How can I become a Management 3.0 facilitator too? 

We definitely want to spread the Management 3.0 movement around the world. First, you need to attend Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop to experience it for yourself as an attendee or you can get a Certificate of Practice by applying Management 3.0 Practices directly. Then you can contact us for more information on how you can get licensed to become a Management 3.0 facilitator.

Where can I get Management 3.0 course materials to use at my office?

On our Management 3.0 Online Store, you can buy tools, games and exercises used in the workshops, including kudo cards, delegation poker, meddlers, improv cards, and moving motivators, each only available in English. We don’t make a profit off of any of the games, but rather the charges just cover publishing and shipping them. A lot of the other Management 3.0 exercises are an opportunity for you and your team to get creative, making things that inspire and motivate. Don’t forget to build your own Kudo Box or Happiness Wall!

Please take note of our Delivery Policies.

Can I download games?

All games are also available as downloadable PDFs. Delegation poker, kudo cards, and moving motivators are currently available for download in 14 languages! If you wish to have officially translated versions of the games to another language, contact us

Our downloadable PDF files can be used without permission for free distribution in events and for marketing purposes.

Can I resell games?

The short answer is no. Official Management 3.0 Facilitators are allowed to print the original materials that we provide to them via private share for being used in their workshop. Everyone else can download the materials provided on this website. You are free to print them in any way you like, as long as you don’t resell them and don’t change the design.

Can I reproduce the games?

People ask us regularly whether they can reuse our game materials and print their own logos on them. The short answer is, “No”. The long answer is: there is copyright on our illustrations, designs and texts. And we insist on those copyrights because we’ve seen some very bad and low-quality reproductions. You can print the products that we have available via our website, without permission. You can even use them in workshops. For us, it is only important that nobody mistakes any self-made copies for the official Management 3.0 materials.

Do Management 3.0 workshops qualify for PMI PDUs or PMI-ACP credits?

In a nutshell, yes. All workshop hours qualify for both the Project Management Institute’s traditional project development units, usually called PMI PDUs, and for the PMI agile certified practitioner credits, usually called PMI-ACP credits. You should contact PMI directly for specific certification.

Learn more about our Agile Project Management workshops.

Learn more about our Project Management workshops.

What’s the story of the Management 3.0 team? Who is this Melly chica? 

melly-hates-her-jobManagement 3.0 is just one of the great brands under the small business network umbrella of Happy Melly. For more than 25 years this modern-art-slash-public-service-announcement has been on a street corner in Jurgen’s hometown of Rottendam in the Netherlands. Melly is the inspiration behind Happy Melly, a group of entrepreneurs who are truly dedicated to creating happiness at work. To learn more about the transparent way we run our 100 percent trust organization, check out the Happy Melly blog to get the behind-the-scenes of Management 3.0 and friends.

Who is Jurgen Appelo?

Jurgen Appelo calls himself a creative networker, writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, illustrator, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, or, simply, a Dutch guy. He’s been named a Top 50 Leadership Expert by Inc Magazine (and #1 in Europe.) He is a big name in the agile management world and as the author of three proactive management texts. Jurgen has founded the Management 3.0 leadership methodology and now has licensed like-minded individuals to help facilitate it in your company.

Any more questions?

Contact us directly!

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