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by Katrina McKinnon

Bear in mind that your employees reflect you and your company. Thus, it is wise to pay attention to their health and make sure that they are active, refreshed and energized.

This way, your prosperity will rise and you will have an inspired team of employees who will enjoy coming to work, love and care about your company as well as do their job more thoroughly and efficiently.
Here are some very useful yet simple acts that will make a tremendous difference in your employee’s health and well-being.

Healthier Atmosphere Tip #1: Use Stairs Rather Than an Elevator

Everyone uses elevators, as they are quick and convenient, but they don’t do much good to your heart. By using stairs instead of an elevator you burn up to 500kJ in ten minutes walk. Pretty great, wouldn’t you agree?
Ask your colleagues to join in on the walk, you’ll have more fun and motivation!

Healthier Atmosphere Tip #2: Cycle to Work

Alongside being eco-friendly, cycling is a great way to add to your daily physical activities. Make a suggestion to your colleagues to consider residing closer to your work office in order to make cycling possible.
You could also offer incentives for those who choose the cycling option. For example, offering trade-ins and purchase offers for those that choose to get new bikes.

Healthier Atmosphere Tip #3: Sleep is Important

Not getting enough sleep affects your appetite, your physical activities, your performance throughout the day and reflects badly on your immunity. So, it is important that your employees get around 8-9 hours of sleep.

Healthier Atmosphere Tip #4: Boost-Your-Energy Food

While working, we tend to eat poorly. This reflects through dehydration and slow performance. Improve this by thinking ahead, planning your meals and snacks carefully and preparing your meals at home.
You can never go wrong by choosing basic and simple meals.

Healthier Atmosphere Tip #5: Clean And Shiny Washrooms, Lockers, Bike Racks, and Showers

Everybody is in the need of a shower after a good workout. And since you want your employees to be healthy and workout regularly, make sure to provide showers and lockers to help them refresh. Alongside this, keep those office washrooms spotless!

Healthier Atmosphere Tip #6: Organize a Family Day For Everybody!

Work can take up a lot of person’s free time, including the time he wanted to spend with his family. What a better way to develop a better work-life balance and to have fun than to organize a family day for your employees and their families! They can bring whomever they like, whether loved ones, spouses, parents or children.

Healthier Atmosphere Tip #7: Set Up a Health Fair

Invite nutritionists, health and fitness experts and organize a health fair for those who lead and who would like to start leading a more healthier lifestyle.

These are just some of the fields this fair could cover: managing work-life balance, healthy eating on a budget, and better posture and movement among others.

Healthier Atmosphere Tip #8: Face to Face Meetings Rather Than The Online Ones

Occasionally, prioritize face-to-face meetings instead of online ones. This will make your employees walk away from their computers, engage in some physical activity and exercise at least a little bit.

Healthier Atmosphere Tip #9: Back Up Anti-Bullying Advocacy

Establish a rigorous “no bullying” advocacy, if you haven’t already. Clearly, state the rule about bullying being forbidden, and make sure that every employee is aware of it. Also, specify that there will be strict consequences for those who break this rule.

Healthier Atmosphere Tip #10: Reward Hard Workers With Paid Days Off

As it turned out, huge income isn’t the only thing that makes and keeps employees pleased. There are other indirect ways to get your workforce feeling appreciated.

Paid leave is something that can be a great prize for those who are loyal and hardworking employees. This is a fantastic idea that will keep those workers work even harder for their next reward, and also motivate others.
Don’t wait another minute; put these easy steps into action right now! Also, get hold of our exclusive detailed resource with even more practical ideas. We assure you that these piece of cake steps will make your employees feel happier and lead to much more productivity

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What do you think are great ways to create a healthy and happy atmosphere at work? Let us know in the comments below!

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