How to Do Hybrid Right

Remote & Hybrid Collaboration

While, during the pandemic, many creative workers moved towards their home office for fully remote work, in the post-pandemic world, workers want to retain their flexibility and have the best of both worlds: an office to meet and collaborate in, while flexibly working outside the office. The new norm is hybrid.

What does it take to lead in a hybrid work environment? And how can we better collaborate in this new world of work? This is what the new Management 3.0 module is all about.

What will you learn in the Remote & Hybrid Collaboration Module?

  • The definition of hybrid work
  • What it takes to lead in an hybrid environment
  • Challenges and opportunities of hybrid work
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different hybrid work models, from “Remote Only” to “Office First”
  • Factors that further add to the complexity of hybrid work
  • Using the Hybrid Collaboration Navigator to consider several aspects that need to be defined, discussed and worked on when setting up or improving hybrid collaboration

This module is designed for flexibility in facilitation. Depending on your group’s decision you will learn how to:

  • Rethink collaboration formats and decision making
  • Implement the right office and tool infrastructure and tweak them accordingly
  • Set clear expectations and guidelines
  • Foster social interactions and culture building
  • Create transparency and enable learning from each other
  • Define how you want to work and the purpose behind it

Work is not a place. It’s what you accomplish together.

Jim Kalbach

What will we discuss in the Remote & Hybrid Collaboration Module?

  • Why do we need to design a hybrid work model and want to move away from the office anyway?
  • What would the perfect hybrid work model look like for your company and team?
  • How can we create a great hybrid work culture and psychological safety in hybrid environments?
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The Remote & Hybrid Collaboration module is part of the following workshops:

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Good to know: the Remote & Hybrid Collaboration module is part of the Management 3.0 courseware. It belongs to How to Empower Teams, the view that also serves the modules Delegation and Empowerment and Teams.

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