Management 3.0 Customer Testimonials

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Don’t take our word for it, take theirs! Management 3.0 is a movement of people ready to step up and develop a new definition of leadership and team collaboration. Each workshop is different because each attendee and the experience he or she brings to the conference table is different. That means that reactions to our workshops could be mixed.

We ask every attendee to reply to an evaluation of the workshop and its Management 3.0 facilitator. The results? Management 3.0 Workshops are evaluated as an average of an 8.45 out of 10! Not bad, eh?

The games & exercises were great! In particular, I liked the Metrix Matrix, Champfrogs, Delegation Poker, and Meddlers. I also liked the Change Management 3.0 Module & the change exercise – it really brought everything together into four aspects of change that’s spot on with the type of work I do with clients & teams.
– SUSAN GIBSON, agile coach at LeanDog, USA

Just the right amount of theory vs. exercises, general experience vs. each participant’s experience, one-way teaching vs. two-way sharing/feedback.
– CLAUDIA DANIELA HOSU, scrum master at Small Footprint, Romania

It is very refreshing to see Management 3.0 is considerably more oriented toward empowering the team and making it happy, as opposed to traditional management that was focusing on performance.
–  LUC DUPLESSIS, agile product owner at Accedian Networks, Canada

I had so many takeaways, almost everything. I would say: complex systems discussion, a lot of metaphors, seven levels of authority, discussions of challenges, loved all the stories. Great great great course!
– TALI GOSHEN, vice president of human resources at superDimension, Israel

Very involving and with a very flexible agenda. The result was that we did some very concrete problem solving, including making use of the participants’ varied experiences.
– SIGNE BRAMMING ANDERSEN, manager at DONG Energy, Denmark

It has the right mix of examples, theory, and games. Convincing and authentic.
– SERGIU GAVRILA, team leader at itdesign GmbH, Germany

My team will be using Moving Motivators, a problem wall and a happiness index. The biggest takeaway was to try many different things, tweak and try more.
– ANDREW BROWN, senior IT project manager, University of Michigan, USA

I have gained some more tools and been reminded about some of the existing tools in my little toolkit which needed sharpening.
– KASPER JORGENSEN, project manager at CIPM, Denmark

Having experienced the games was quite useful to realize that they work. They are all exercises to play with my teams.
– ALEJANDRO SCADROLI, developer and founder at Amneris Web Solutions, Spain

The exercises were very enlightening, whether in sharing my own experiences or listening to others – it certainly caused me to pause and reflect upon my own “style” and recognize opportunities for growth.
– DAVID SOULE, section manager at Erie Insurance Group, USA

I consider two days as a well-balanced choice and the pace during the two days was just right.
– ROBERT SUNDIN, manager at Com Hem AB, Sweden

The best feature, one that I have never seen in such courses, but always wanted, is the list of books worth reading. It makes the course only a starting point, for your own exploration on each topic.
– LUKASZ NALEPA, scrum master and software engineer at CUBE-CR, Poland

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