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Goodbye to email clutter!
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Get rid of pages full of quoted emails!

Like the rest of the world, the Happy Melly team loves Slack. This popular new tool combines the best features of email, group discussions and instant messaging, with (almost) none of the drawbacks. We invite Management 3.0 facilitators and Happy Melly members to collaborate with us in our Happy Melly Slack. This is what you will get:

  • Direct access to the Happy Melly team members;
  • Earliest notifications of new features and content;
  • Notifications of leads and business opportunities;
  • Quick help with any questions and problems;
  • Sharing ideas and experiences with peers.

As a Management 3.0 facilitator and/or Happy Melly member, you get an invitation to join our free Slack. There is a web version, desktop version, and an app for each platform.

For any questions, reach out to the team.


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