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The most colorful management & leadership workshops!

As a coach, consultant or trainer, you want to offer your clients high-quality practical management and leadership workshops. This requires two things: great materials and great facilitators. (OK, maybe three things: everyone appreciates a good venue and catering!)

The Happy Melly team offers three generations of Management 3.0 courseware and workshop materials.

The courseware materials are available in a Google Drive folder. We give access to it after you sign up as a licensed Management 3.0 facilitator. You will find separate subfolders that keep the materials for facilitators (original files) and materials for participants (PDFs). As the facilitator, you can decide to provide the public links to your participants directly, or to provide your own link to another location with a customized version of the courseware.


Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop

This Foundation Workshop is largely based on the book Management 3.0, of which more than 30,000 copies have been sold worldwide in five years. The event closely follows the six views of management discussed in the original book. It offers several popular games, such as Moving Motivators and Delegation Poker. And the last part of the event addresses change management as discussed in the little book How to Change the World. The event has been organized hundreds of times, with great evaluations across facilitators in many countries.

It’s your event…

As a facilitator, you can decide to mix-and-match materials according to your own preferences. You are the organizer of your events, therefore you decide how to facilitate them, which topics to address, and which materials you will use. Just make sure that the people who attend your event know what they sign up for!

“The deeper I dig into the files – the more resources I find! Thanks for all the details. It’s super helpful. I am impressed by the breadth and depth of material, content and resources for the facilitators, all very well organized and easy to grasp. I feel supported and encouraged to continue!” — Vanessa Shaw, an M30 facilitator giving workshops in the U.S., Spain, and other countries


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