Fair Fees And Bold Benefits

We keep our subscription and event fees fair and modest


Management 3.0 isn’t about certifications and making a lot of money. It’s about the future of work, which is why we don’t charge our facilitators a lot of money to give our workshops. We work to keep our prices fair, also knowing that the majority of our facilitators are working with other brands to provide a customized, holistic approach to agile and change management within organizations.

Benefits of a Management 3.0 Subscription

Your subscription fee gives you, among other things:

  • creative workersOriginal and exclusive courseware materials
  • Beautiful illustrations, slides, posters and sketchnotes to make your workshops more hands-on and interactive
  • Access to exclusive communication channels for facilitators
  • A direct link to the content authors and our team
  • Help (as much as we can) with marketing and sales
  • Your profile on the Management 3.0 website

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Our fees are determined using a location-dependent price index. They are invoiced annually. Prices are in euros.

Facilitator Licensing Fees, as of October 1, 2017

  • Category A countries: 806€ per year
  • Category B countries: 743€ per year (Except USA, Canada, & Australia: €655/year)
  • Category C countries: 617€ per year (Except Poland & Turkey: €554/year)
  • Category D countries: 365€ per year
  • Category E countries: 239€ per year

Facilitator Licensing Fees, before October 1, 2017

  • Category A countries: 768€ per year
  • Category B countries: 708€ per year (except USA, Canada, and Australia: 655€)
  • Category C countries: 588€ per year (Except Poland & Turkey: 554€)
  • Category D countries: 348€ per year
  • Category E countries: 228€ per year

Benefits of Paying Management 3.0 Event Fees

Each time you use our materials in a paid-for course, workshop or other event, we charge an event fee.

The event fees will give you the right to:

  • workplace creativityHave events promoted on the Management 3.0 website
  • Offer your own customized Management 3.0 content
  • Use the official slides and other materials and games
  • Offer official certificates for your attendees
  • Get public ratings and evaluations of your events, as part of your Management 3.0 facilitator profile

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Event Fees as of October 1, 2017

These fees are also determined using a location-dependent price index. We show the fees per hour, but a total number of hours — a typical two-day workshop lasts about 16 hours — is invoiced after the paid-for event is held.

  • Category A countries: 62€ per hour (except Singapore & Hong Kong: 47€/hour)
  • Category B countries: 58€ per hour (except USA, Canada & Australia: 46€/hour)
  • Category C countries: 43€ per hour (except Poland & Turkey: 35€/hour)
  • Category D countries: 23€ per hour
  • Category E countries: 16€ per hour

For example: For a facilitator offering a two-day class (16 hours) in Germany — a Category B country — we charge 928€ = 16 hours multiplied by 58€.

Event Fees before October 1, 2017.

  • Category A countries: 59€ per hour (Except Hong Kong and Singapore: 45€/hour)
  • Category B countries: 55€ per hour (Except USA, Canada, and Australia: 44€/hour)
  • Category C countries: 41€ per hour (Except Poland: 33€/hour and Turkey: 28€/hour)
  • Category D countries: 22€ per hour
  • Category E countries: 15€ per hour

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