Facilitators' Retreats

Join your peers for the next face-to-face!

At least twice a year, you will find us at an in-person Retreat exclusively organized for and by Management 3.0 Facilitators. The format is always quite self-organized: (almost) no sessions scheduled in advance, reliance on self-initiative among participants, and plenty of collaboration, sharing and learning. And delegating who will facilitate what in advance, lest we have too many cooks in the kitchen!

The usual topic areas range from sales & marketing to logistics and facilitation, from content and customization to licensing and certification. And there is always room for getting to know each other and exploring the local bars and restaurants! It’s a great way to learn from each other while being a part of planning the direction the Management 3.0 is going and to be the first to know updates to content and new workshops.

While this retreat is geared toward our current facilitators, along with members of the Management 3.0 team, people interested in become a facilitator are welcome to join in the fun. Get in contact the team for more details.

Next Up! Warsaw, Poland   20-21 April, 2018


Icebreakers and new agile games often play a big part of both getting to know each other and sharing tricks of the trade! This photo of 25 facilitators taking on The Human Knot in Barcelona is by Jose Ignacio de Juan

Previous Retreats:

London, UK, October 2017

Wiesbaden, Germany (near Frankfurt), March 2017

Paris, France, October 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2016

Barcelona, Spain, October 2015

Budapest, Hungary, May 2015

Stockholm, Sweden, September 2014

Munich, Germany, October 2013

At the Wiesbaden retreat, facilitators collaborate in the ultimate mind-mapping, interconnected Personal Map!

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