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Target Audiences

Management 3.0 is for anyone who appreciates great leadership

What is the target audience of a great coffee bar with highly trained baristas? Does the target audience consist of males between 25 and 35, with hip and trendy clothes and a beard, an above-average income, and living in the city center with a dog?

Or is the target audience anyone who likes great coffee, no matter their income, location and lifestyle?

We believe Management 3.0 is for anyone who appreciates great management and leadership, no matter income, location, and job title. Management of organizations is too important to leave to the managers!

For practical purposes, however, it makes sense to understand what kinds of jobs are affected by better management practices. Traditional organizations are often particularly interested to learn in which parts of the organization our Management 3.0 practices can be meaningful. That’s why we sometimes refer to the following broad areas of organizational roles:

  • TM: CxO Level, VPs & Directors (top level mgt)
  • MM: Functional Managers & Team Leaders (middle mgt)
  • CW: Creatives & Knowledge Workers (team members)
  • PM: Project Managers & Product Owners (steering projects)
  • TC: Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches (coaching teams)
  • CM: Change Managers & Consultants (steering orgs)
  • HR: Human Resources (people support)
  • SU: Startups & Entrepreneurs (young business)

Everyone who is working in any of these job role areas will find Management 3.0 practices useful, though not every practice is applicable in each area. And not every event will be interesting for every person. For this reason, in our content materials and in our marketing efforts, we sometimes emphasize one or more specific job role areas.

Most of our content and events are relevant for most people.In many modern organizations, people work on cross-functional teams, they diversify in their responsibilities, and they get democratically involved in many more decisions than before. In transparent, agile organizations, almost everyone is somehow influencing, and influenced by, almost everything.

That why we prefer to say that management is too important to leave to the managers. And Management 3.0 is for anyone who appreciates great management and leadership.


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