Thanks for your interest in Management 3.0!

Thanks for your interest in joining the growing community of Management 3.0 facilitators. We are the Happy Melly team and our goal is to help you organize successful workshops and make the world of work a better place for all.


As a licensee, we will keep you updated on a regular basis, using our facilitators newsletter, online hangouts, social media and Slack. For now, we suggest that you work through this checklist to increase sign-ups for your future Management 3.0 events. And if you’re not a licensee yet, maybe this checklist will convince you to join us! {8-)

  • Your personal profile is live on the Management 3.0 website. Make your profile look good! Facilitators with better profiles get more invitations for in-company workshops and more registrations for their classes. We will remind you several times! 🙂
  • Add your first event to our calendar. Don’t worry about scheduling it far away. People ask us for facilitators in their regions. They will find your name on the calendar only when you have at least one upcoming event. No upcoming events = less exposure.
  • Check out the information for facilitators. We have public facilitator pages on our website and exclusive content on Google Drive. The information we offer keeps evolving. We will notify you of the important changes.
  • Join our conversations on Slack. We regularly share business opportunities such as “Who is available to offer a class for company X in country Y?” Slack is also a great platform for shared learning and collaboration among facilitators.
  • Sign up for the next Management 3.0 Retreat. Gatherings and Retreats are organized once or twice per year. They are a great opportunity to meet our team and fellow facilitators face-to-face, and to discuss marketing, organization, and content.
  • Sign up for the next Facilitators Hangout. Once per month, some team members and facilitators meet online to share experiences and insights, or just to get to know each other. Bring your own drinks!
  • Last but not least, follow us on our social channels. We offer a lot of great content for free. You can delight your own clients by forwarding the materials or simply liking or retweeting our updates.

Want to know the experience from the inside? Read Facilitator Ralph’s stories of putting Management 3.0 into action via this free ebook.

It is a great pleasure to have you as part of our global community of change agents! If you have any specific questions, we will be happy to answer them.

— The Happy Melly team.

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