Leading distributed teams

Management 3.0 Module: Remote Teams

How can we communicate better in remote teams? How can we manage remote teams? How can we make remote teams successful? In this Management 3.0 Module we explore how to better manage remote teams.

Remote Teams

We are looking into the reasons behind the growth of remote work as well as fully remote working companies. Even the team behind Management 3.0 is a distributed fully remote working team. This module looks into the benefits of remote teams for organizations, such as having more opportunities to hire people and the ability to do away with an expensive office. However, it also looks into the disadvantages such as the feeling of loneliness and how to combat it.

In conjunction with our Better Meetings Module, this one looks into the characteristics of remote meetings as well as the pitfalls of hybrid meetings. You’ll learn how to facilitate great remote meetings.

Approaches to Remote Leadership

Furthermore this module looks at how to manage remote teams and discusses the working out loud technique.

Last but not least, you’ll get a list of best-in-class remote working tools and power tips from the Management 3.0 Team to start right away.


Preview of the Remote Teams Module


Fundamentals Online Workshop

This module is part of our new Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop.


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