Meet Our Team

The 100% remote, dogfooding as best we can, enthusiastic backbone to Management 3.0

Aaisha Tasneem

Aaisha is our new Chief Licensing Officer. From beginning to end she’s the one who manages our facilitator licensing process. She also helps new facilitators find courseware and marketing material so that they can schedule their first workshop and she introduces them to the Management 3.0 team and the active online community. A self-confessed gardener, Aaisha loves surrounding herself with greenery and considers her plants to be her biggest stress-busters.

Chad Geran

As an illustrator with a diverse range of styles and work experiences, Chad develops our fun, thoughtful illustrations, icons, and diagrams that make our products more interesting, attractive, and easier to understand. When he’s not drawing, he’s almost certainly cleaning up after one of his children.
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Hannu Heljala

Our Web-Craftsman, implementing new features on Happy Melly and Management 3.0 websites and improving existing ones. He likes surfing and as a true Northman, he spends autumn surfing in the warm waters of Bali.
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Jurgen Appelo

Writer, speaker, entrepreneur, Jurgen Appelo has pioneered management to help creative organizations survive and thrive in the 21st century. He’s the founder of Management 3.0, Happy Melly and his latest endeavour, Agility Scales and we’re honoured to have him as our team ambassador! If you ever can’t find him, Jurgen’s probably scouting the city for the best cup of coffee.
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Lisette Sutherland

Our Zookeeper, encouraging conversation and connection between teammates, taters (that’s facilitators to you), Funders, and Supporters. She keeps everyone and everything organised and regularly updated. She is a remote work junky.
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Ralph van Roosmalen

Custodian of the Management 3.0 Content. Ralph coordinates the creating of content, translations of the content and he also takes care of the web shop. Nagging the team to create order in the daily chaos. He loves to hike and be outside in nature.

As CEO, Chief Empowerment Office, Ralph also represents the team to the outside world where necessary. Making sure the owners of Management 3.0 know what is going. However, most tasks taken up by regular CEO’s are in our team distributed over the team.
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Sam Mednick

Our social media master, podcast host and producer and one of our business developers, she brings people’s experiences to life on air and creates connections with companies dedicated to changing the future of work and who care about happiness and employee engagement. When not working on Management 3.0 Sam is writing stories from around the world or sipping wine.

Tahira Shameem

Queen Tahira is our watchful financial eye and keeps our books in impeccable order. She takes care and takes charge of anything and everything that has to do with money. When Queen T’s not busy crunching numbers she’s tending to her garden or spending time with her kids.

Voranc Kutnik

The product owner of the Management 3.0, and the guardian of their global network of facilitators. His role is to tell the world what Management 3.0 is all about and support the facilitators in the delivery of successful events.
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