Management 3.0 Module: Better Meetings

How to make meetings memorable... in a good way

A meeting is a gathering of two or more people convened for the purpose of achieving a common goal through interaction.

This is how one of our Management 3.0 facilitators Loïc Leofold kicks off this module he created. After all, nothing is less exciting than the prospect of a meeting. While some meetings aren’t necessary and we need to work on timeboxing others, meeting with our teammates and sharing thoughts, ideas, opinions and solutions is an important exercise.

  • But how do you make them less dreadful?
  • How do you stop having useless meetings?
  • How do you design memorable meetings?

These are the questions this Management 3.0 module looks to answer. Better Meetings is one of the favorites of our new modules because it tackles something that all managers and teammates alike struggle with. In fact executives spend on average a third of their days in meetings with between 25 and 50 percent of the time feeling like an utter waste!

Try following these 9 Tips for Memorable Meetings:

  1. Stop inviting. Sell your meeting!
  2. Kitchens are better than conference rooms.
  3. Break the ice.
  4. Energize your teams.
  5. Make meetings visual.
  6. Encourage the clash of ideas.
  7. Make decisions quickly, even if they’re imperfect.
  8. Promote transparency.
  9. Seek to improve.

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