Management 3.0 Module: Hire Great People

40% of global employers report talent shortages, and find it hard to make the right hires – citing lack of qualified applicants with the right skills.  But, are they tackling the hiring process in the best way? Hiring for effective change management is challenging, and this module will help you reflect on your practice at each of the critical stages involved:

  • Hire great peopleDefining the job – what is required for the role, what will the successful candidate have to do? Define the job first, rather than the candidate’s attributes.
  • Searching for candidates – widening the net, leveraging referrals appropriately, and treat recruitment as a marketing exercise which is the responsibility of the whole team
  • Interviewing effectively – exploring reactions and behaviors as well as competencies, and managing your impression on candidates
  • Hiring – or not hiring. And managing rejecting unsuccessful candidates respectfully.

This Management 3.0 PLUS Module is part of the Grow Structure branch of our interactive curriculum. It will help you to plan and carry out an effective recruitment process for all creative and technical roles, enabling you to grow your team successfully and achieve even greater employee engagement.

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