Innovation and the Human Experience

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In a world where the pace of work feels as rapid as a cosmic voyage, thought leaders are pioneering solutions that defy convention. Today we unravel an unconventional gem: The unFIX model. Unlike traditional agile frameworks and self-management approaches, unFIX introduces a paradigm focused on perpetual innovation and enhancing the human experience.

We sit down with Jurgen Appelo, a trailblazer in the world of organizational transformation and the visionary behind unFIX, who also happened to be our founder and very first podcast guest back in 2016.

We discuss everything from organizational design and artificial intelligence to the power of personal habits, and how Appelo’s views have changed over the last seven years. 

Learn more about Jurgen and the unFIX model here:

Key Points

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Happiness means different things to each of us. After doing extensive research, Management 3.0 founder Jurgen Appelo discovered a common thread: Happiness is something we create. It is not something to achieve. It is a path you choose, not a destination to arrive at.

So many of us spend our lives in pursuit of happiness. Instead of searching for it, we need to find ways to live, embrace, and implement it into our daily lives. That’s why we created the 12 Steps to Happiness at Management 3.0.

You can find more information and even download a free poster of the 12 steps at:


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