Who is Melly? Meet the man whose image inspired a movement

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Editor’s Note: A few years ago Management 3.0 launched an experiment called Happy Melly. It was the brainchild of Jurgen Appelo, founder of Management 3.0 and the idea was to experiment and use Management 3.0’s practices in ‘real life’ with a group of people who were implementing the tools and philosophies of the company. The idea and name for Happy Melly was inspired by a poster Jurgen saw in Holland. This podcast is a conversation with the artist of that poster, which ended up inspiring a movement. While Happy Melly is no longer an official group, the essence of it — helping people be happy at work — has been embodied by Management 3.0 in our Happiness at work section.

On episode three of our Happy Melly Podcast – Serious About Happiness, Sam speaks with Professor Kenneth Lum, the artist who inspired the Happy Melly movement. His ‘Melly Shum Hates Her Job‘ poster is one of the longest standing billboards going on 26 years. Find out why it hasn’t been taken down and why Ken says happiness is something we have to work for. 

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