Card Games

All you need to know about the Management 3.0 games

Physical games

There are physical versions available of Delegation Poker, Moving Motivators, Kudo Cards, and Improv Cards. You can order them via our web shop. Sadly, we can only offer these printed versions in the English language. We do not offer discounts on any of the printed games because we don’t sell them at a profit.

Reselling games

If you want to use our copyrighted texts, designs and images for reselling of (translated) games, you need to contact us to obtain original files and official translations. We will provide master files (per translation) created by a professional designer for high-quality printing. You can then produce and resell our official card games, in any way you like.

The files, and the license-to-print, are provided for free. However, the design of the games will be determined by our team, and any adaptations (other logos, URLs, etc.) are not allowed.

Downloadable games

All games are also available as downloadable PDFs. You can find those when you follow the links above. For some of them, we have translated PDFs available as well, to a few other languages. And some of the games pages offer links to blog posts and videos that were submitted to us by practitioners.

Our downloadable PDF files can be used without permission for free distribution in events and for marketing purposes. If you prefer to have officially translated versions of the games to another language, contact us.


People ask us regularly whether they can reuse our game materials and print their own logos on them. The short answer is, “No”. The long answer is: there is copyright on our illustrations, designs and texts. And we insist on those copyrights because we’ve seen some very bad and low-quality reproductions. There is no trademark on any Management 3.0 game, which means that you can make your own version of the games, without permission, as long as you don’t use our copyrighted materials. You can even use them in workshops. For us, it is only important that nobody mistakes any self-made copies for the official Management 3.0 materials.


Please take note of our Delivery Policies.

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