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All you need to know about the Management 3.0 games

Physical games

There are physical versions available of Delegation Poker, Moving Motivators, Kudo Cards, and Improv Cards. You can order them via our webshop. Sadly we can only offer these printed versions in the English language. We do not offer discounts on any of the printed games because we don’t sell them at a profit.

Downloadable games

All games are also available as downloadable PDFs. You can find those when you follow the links above. For some of them we have translated PDFs, which are available as well to a few other languages. Some of the game pages offer links to blog posts and videos that were submitted to us by practitioners.

Our downloadable PDF files can be used without permission for free distribution in events and for marketing purposes. If you prefer to have officially translated versions of the games to another language contact us.

Reselling and reproduction of our games

People ask us regularly whether they can reuse our game materials and print their own logos on them. The short answer: No The long answer: There is copyright on our illustrations, designs and texts and we insist on those copyrights because we’ve seen some very bad and low-quality reproductions.

To make things clear on the matter of what you can or can’t do with our games we prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can I use games that I bought in the webshop in my workshop/coaching?
Yes you can. That’s why we sell them.

Can I use games that I printed myself that I downloaded from the website in my workshop/coaching?
Yes you can that is why we make them available in order to have them in your language or for people who are not able to buy products from our website.

Can I download games from your website, add my logo (next to your logo) and print them?
No you are not allowed to do this. This is the same as printing a book and putting your name and bio on the back of the book. It will give you credit for the work we did and we don’t think it’s fair.

Can I sell games that I bought myself in the webshop?
Yes you are allowed to do this. The reason is because we get money for the work we did.

Can I sell games that I printed myself with public materials that I downloaded from the website?
No you are not allowed to do this. The reason is that we don’t get money for the work we did. These public materials are available to promote Management 3.0 in the community.

Can I use games in my workshop/coaching that I created myself with illustrations from the M30 website? For example I created a new Motivation game.
No you are not allowed to download pictures etc… from our website except the ones we explicitly make available. For more information on this read Jurgen Appelo’s blog post.

Can I create games that use the same wording as M30 games and can I use them in my workshop/coaching? They have different images and I designed them myself.
No you are not allowed to do this. We understand words are not copyrighted, however, for example when you talk about the ten motivators, these words in this context are clearly Management 3.0 materials.

If you still have a question that are not answered above please contact us.


Please take note of our Delivery Policies.

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