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Kudo Cards are small gestures of gratitude.

“We have 115+ people working here. The last year the company grew quite fast, we almost doubled in size. And although we are still very much agile, we noticed that some things started to be different. We felt something had to change. Starting last Christmas we now hand out a couple of Kudo Cards to everyone every month.”
– ROBERT MISCH, Gutefrage web designers

There is a constant need for organizations to give thank-yous for jobs well done, small tokens of appreciation, a written memory of when your coworker made you laugh so hard you spat coffee, or a recognition of just stellar teamwork. But it’s the recognition of valued work, not financial incentives, that encourages intrinsic motivation within an organization.

“Money is only advised as a reward when you need to motivate people do an uninteresting or repetitive job,” wrote Jurgen Appelo. But there’s no doubt that recognition is essential to feeling like your work is valued in an organization.

That’s why Kudos are becoming a trend around the world, as a way to facilitate thanks and acknowledgement.

What are Kudo Cards?

Some companies call them HERO awards, others Rippas or Hugs, we call them Kudos. It is a written and public recognition of a colleague for something he or she has contributed to the team. A Kudo is not just given from the top down but peer-to-peer, across departments and organizations, anyone can publicly recognize someone else’s work. It’s a way to break down hierarchical limitations and to encourage everyone to offer instant feedback.

Exercise – Kudo Cards (happy)Bring Kudo Cards Back to Your Office!

Want to recognize a coworker for going the extra mile?

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What is the Kudo Box?

While some companies create a Wall of Kudos, proudly displaying Kudos all the time, others decide to build a “shout-out shoebox” or a Kudo Box (like this one at the office of, in which they store the Kudos and then have monthly or so celebrations, where they read out the Kudos. Others choose to turn the Kudo Box into a raffle, giving away Starbucks giftcards or movie tickets to whoever is drawn.

“Teamwork can only emerge as an outcome of people’s individual contributions to that team.”

Now you can send Virtual Kudo Cards to anyone on Twitter!

kudobox-coWe love Kudo Boxes, but they can be virtual too – heck, we can turn Twitter into a Kudo Box! Our rocking team member Sergey created this free tool to help spread the gratitude, positive energy and public recognition of Kudo Cards. Want to share your Kudos with us? Tweet to @management30!

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“People realized that giving feedback is as important as getting it. And that it’s all in finding the right words. What’s even better, we see that our culture is changing. What started as a great and constructive way to say thanks, now evolved in a new feedback culture.”
Read more about Gutefrage’s experience.

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