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We are hiring: Remote, Part-Time, Freelance

Do you want to contribute to the future growth of Management 3.0?
We are searching for a puzzle piece.

The Management 3.0 team’s OKRs for 2023 include an important pillar: Scaling the brand.

We aim for more: For a wider reach, to bring agile leadership to many more organizations in every corner of the world, to extend our current projects and to start new initiatives.

We are a small team of nine part-time freelancers from around the world, hence we need more hands to turn our goal into reality.

Your Profile

We are looking for system thinkers with a proactive & self-management mindset.
We are looking for an entrepreneurial mind to achieve this.
We are looking for an ambitious individual to join our team.

Are you who we’re looking for? 

We would like our new team member to support our growth with research and sales tactics. A new colleague with excellent organization skills and experience in process automation who has worked in remote startups before or even had their own. Someone happy to get their hands dirty, to immerse themselves into the future of management and leadership.

You love to organize and facilitate remote meetings, being an accountability partner but also to dive deep into numbers and metrics and how to make them tangible for the whole team? Maybe you even speak Dutch?

We are a self-organized team stretching from Canada to India. We regularly meet virtually at Central European times and work highly asynchronously. 

  • We have Aaisha, our Chief Licensing Officer, who deals with all the paperwork and onboarding of new facilitators.
  • We have Chad, our illustrator, who is coming up with all these great brand assets you see with our icons, merch, and game designs.
  • We have Elisa, our conference organizer, responsible for all things Forward-related.
  • We have Hannu, our webmaster and “technical guy from the basement,” who is setting up and dealing with all automation (we have a lot!)
  • We have Katharina, our Facilitator Happiness Coach, immersing herself in many other projects like new module creation, company license package, and the regional representative stream.
  • We have Marc, our colleague from the Netherlands, picking up research topics and growth initiatives.
  • We have Nadine coordinating courseware and translations, creating learning paths, and leading the marketing initiatives such as our LinkedIn account.
  • We have Sara, our Community Builder, the heart and soul of our membership community, and a great organizer when it comes to research.
  • We have Tahira, our financial queen, dealing with all these numbers and invoices and payments and reconciling budgets.

We are looking for someone to complete our skillset and join our team aiming for growth and expansion.

Your Application 

Does this sound like you?

Tell us about yourself.
Tell us what you could bring to the team.
Tell us how you could support the growth of Management 3.0.

Please send us a video not longer than 5 minutes to, subject line “I am your missing puzzle piece.” We only accept applications in English.

About the Team

Management 3.0 is a fully remote company focused on redefining leadership. We are a small core team of freelancers working around the world, the majority are part-time (most of us have other projects besides Management 3.0). Within the core team we usually meet twice a year for in-person retreats where we set goals and take time to bond and connect with each other.

We are an experimental company.
We experiment with business models, team structures, communication tools, payment models, everything!

We work out loud.
Transparency is super important for us as a company and as a team. We expect everyone in the team to be part of our team by checking in every day into our communication tools and talking with us about what’s going on.

We trust each other.
We are all unique and different. What unites us is sharing the same purpose of making the world a better place, the love for freedom as well as our true commitment to our team values: pro-activity, trust, accountability, focus, flexibility, collaboration, fun, responsiveness.Read more about who we are and what do we value.


We work on a system we call “Commitment Levels.” Each month team members decide how many days a week they’ll be able to dedicate to Management 3.0 work. The compensation is between €1,100 and €1,595 per commitment level, depending on the country in which you live. For example, if you work two days a week for the month, that’s a Commitment Level 2. You’ll then invoice Management 3.0 for (at least) €2,200 at the end of that month.

For this position, we believe you would need to be available two days a week, or Commitment Level 2.
Please note that this system is quite flexible. You have the ability to change your Commitment Level month-to-month, depending on your workload on and off the team, personal and public holidays, etc.

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process for this role involves:

  1. Your application video ( < 5 minutes duration )
  2. A 30-minute video chat interview with two team members
  3. A short assignment
  4. An interview with two different team members to discuss the assignment
  5. An offer to join the team

Because our team structure and compensation system is unique, we understand you may have questions. Rest assured we dedicate time in each interview to discuss any questions you may have.

We strive to fill the roles as soon as possible, so please submit your application as soon as possible. We will confirm we have received your application within a few business days.

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