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We’re hiring! Join our fabulous team, we’re looking for one or two people to fill one or two of these roles together. Ideally, one person who can wear two hats and then we’d hire a third. We’re open to getting the right person depending on what your skill-set is so we don’t have a formula in mind (which two jobs would go together), so we’re open to ideas.

Please read through the three positions and apply to the ones you think you’d be best at. Submit your application before the June 18

We look forward to hearing from you.

What we are searching for:

Additional info & how to apply

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Management 3.0 Purpose

Remote Office Manager

If you know how to connect people working around the world and have experience in keeping the engine running on remote teams, then we want you to join us! Management 3.0 is looking for a fun, collaborative, creative and dedicated office manager to be a part of and support our small team. If you’re efficient, organized, can plan and execute meetings and retreats and love handling logistics then you’d be an ideal fit.

You’ve preferably had remote working experience and know-how to lead team meetings, organize company retreats and are proactive and take the lead in wrangling people together when need be.

We have some ideas for this role but also want you to come up with your own.


  • Ensure team processes are documented
  • Facilitate weekly team meetings
  • Schedule regular team agreement reviews
  • Facilitate retrospectives focusing on how we can improve as a team
  • Facilitate the onboarding and offboarding of team members
  • Keep the Google Drive up to date and organized
  • Organize in-person retreat logistics, which take place twice a year
  • General company administration tasks
  • Spearheading recruitment process for new team members

To apply, see below.

Event Manager

In 2021 we launched our global leadership event brand, Forward. We’ve hosted a virtual summit as well as webinars and have an in person event in the pipeline for 2022. Now, we need your expertise to help guide Forward as we transition to a post-pandemic world.

We are looking for someone who has extensive event production experience as well as the ability to handle and arrange all the logistics, strategy and marketing plans for global in person and online events. You are responsible for the whole strategy, management and implementation of all tasks and thinking behind the Forward conference series. You have experience in international business events for at least 200 people and know how to get things done and be responsible for the whole project.

Responsibilities include:

  • Overall strategy for Forward brand and event creation
  • Program research & topic creation including full program structuring
  • Speaker acquisition
  • Attendee & speaker handling, communication and administration
  • Website updates
  • Securing the venues and venue management & negotiation
  • Online event management
  • Online event platform and supplier management
  • Marketing strategy development and copywriting
  • Sourcing, negotiating and working with all suppliers needed
  • Onsite management and staffing of all events
  • Ability to travel and run all Forward events

To apply, see below.

Community Builder

Do you love building online communities? Do you have what it takes to create an engaging environment where people connect and learn? Can you transform “the next hype” into a sustainable and evolving community with highly engaged members? Then we might have your next favorite project! We are searching for someone who drives the Management 3.0 community initiative. We want to bring people together, wherever in the world they are, all with the one goal of redefining leadership.

What is this role about?

We ask you to come up with a plan and execute it together with us, a cross-functional team incl. a web developer, event expert, marketing specialist, illustrator and content coordinator. Together with you, we would define the user journeys and features we need to create an engaging and thriving online community. After the launch we need to constantly evolve the community and keep members engaged in a way that they feel is valuable and helps them professionally grow .

We are looking for a community expert with a proven track record – show us what you have done in the past, which online communities have you set up. You will build the community initiative including adding all relevant information; content and pathways as well as drive community engagement, attracting and retaining our members. You will be the driver of this project.

About the community

We are about to build a learning community on an owned community platform (we are not searching for help in social media) wherein we foster exchange among community members to grow and create new habits through daily reminders.

What should you bring and what will you be responsible for?

  • You have proven experience in building/launching a branded community/online membership programs
  • You have experience with an online learning community
  • You know what drives people
  • You know what engagement and UGC means
  • You are a networker and go-getter
  • You are technically versed and have the skills to set up a platform using WordPress (we don’t ask you to code anything, but edit pages with the block editor etc.)
  • You will engage and retain community members and be responsible for the ongoing community management and engagement
  • You will be responsible for establishing and developing useful performance metrics and data for the community
  • You will be the driver of this project bringing in other team members when you need help and delegating tasks where need be, but you will be in charge.

To apply, see below.

About the Company

Management 3.0 is a fully remote company focused on redefining leadership. We are a small team of eight freelancers working around the world, the majority are part-time (most of us have other projects besides of Management 3.0). Pre Covid-19 we used to meet twice a year for in-person retreats where we set goals and take time to bond and connect with each other. We all hope we are able to meet in-person again soon. 

We are an experimental company.
We experiment with business models, team structures, communication tools, payment models, everything!

We are working out loud.
Transparency is super important for us as a company and as a team. We expect everyone in the team to be part of our team by checking in every day into our communication tools and talk with us about what’s going on.

We trust each other.
We are all unique and different. What unites us is sharing the same purpose of making the world a better place, the love for freedom as well as our true commitment to our team values: pro-activity, trust, accountability, focus, flexibility, collaboration, fun, responsiveness.

Read more about who we are and what do we value.


We work on a system we call “Commitment Levels” each month team members decide how many days per week they’ll be able to dedicate to Management 3.0 work. The compensation is between €1000 and €1450 per Commitment Level, depending on the country in which you live. For example, if you work two days a week for the month, that’s a Commitment Level 2. You’ll then invoice Management 3.0 for (at least) €2,000 at the end of that month if you live in India and €2,600 if you live in Finland.

We expect our new joiners at a CL of 3 minimum this is the equivalent of 3 days a week.This depends if you take over one or two roles.

Please note that this system is quite flexible. You have the ability to change your Commitment Level month-to-month, depending on your workload on and off the team, personal and public holidays, etc.


  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Attend meetings in CEST times
  • Ability to travel internationally two or three times per year (once COVID allows).


To apply, please submit a short video, no longer than 3 minutes* which covers the following:

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Why are you a fit for the position(s)?
  • Which role(s) would you like to apply for and how would you combine them?
  • What are you proud of, what did you accomplish in the last year that you can relate to this role?
  • On what kind of commitment level (days per week) you would be able to commit to the team?

Please also include a link to your LinkedIn profile if you have one.

Send your video as a link in the email to

(*) Due to the high number of application videos we receive and watch, we need to be very strict about this. Any videos which are longer than 3 minutes will not be watched, and the applicant disqualified from consideration. Sorry, no exceptions.

What is the recruitment process?

Our recruitment process for this role involves:

  1. Your application video  ( < 3minutes duration ) 
  2. A 30-minute video chat interview with two team members
  3. A short assignment
  4. An interview with two different team members to discuss the assignment
  5. An offer to join the team

Because our team structure and compensation system is unique, we understand you may have questions. Rest assured we dedicate time in each interview to discuss any questions you may have.

We strive to fill the roles as soon as possible, so please submit your application before the June 18. We will confirm we have received your application within a few business days.

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