The 100% remote, dogfooding as best we can, enthusiastic backbone to Management 3.0

Meet Our Team

Our small and fabulous global team of dedicated professionals has a presence on almost every continent. We like to think that we’re anywhere where there are people who care about becoming more successful managers and leaders and most importantly, who place an importance on living happy, productive lives.

Even though we’re a completely remote team, we also value face-to-face time with our colleagues. So twice a year we choose a different spot to meet in person so we that we can brainstorm, bond, enjoy good meals and great conversation. The bi-annual team retreats are a great way to not only plan and set goals for the future, but also to retrospect on lessons learned, tweak what isn’t working and dedicate ourselves to continue focusing on what is working. The quality time with our teammates has been invaluable, for as much as we love having the freedom of working remotely, there’s nothing like getting to know your colleagues in real time and in person.


Aaisha Management 3.0 Team

Aaisha is our Chief Licensing Officer. From beginning to end she’s the one who manages our facilitator licensing process and introduce our new facilitators to the Management 3.0 Team and the active Facilitator Community. She also takes care of the Certificate of Practice (CoP) process, the Management 3.0 webshop (order handling, support, reorders). and is point of contact for ICAgile with regards to our AHR Workshop. A self-confessed gardener, Aaisha loves surrounding herself with greenery and considers her plants to be her biggest stress-busters.


Elisa Management 3.0

Elisa organizes all Forward summits, she manages all aspects of the event cycle from conception to delivery. From face-to-face conferences to experimenting with hybrid events, she is your gal! The Forward brand is there to leverage Management 3.0’s collective knowledge and for us to learn from the global community. Her goal is to create network and learning opportunities that are insightful and fun! When she is not plotting celebrations of management innovation, she likes exploring new places and hiking GR footpaths. Visit her LinkedIn profile


Hannu Management 3.0 Team

Our Web-Craftsman, implementing new features on Management 3.0 website and improving existing ones. He likes surfing and as a true Northman, he spends autumn surfing in the warm waters of Bali. LinkedIn profile


Katharina Management 3.0 Team

Katharina is our Facilitator Happiness Coach. Her mission is to help Management 3.0 Facilitators being successful and bring happiness to workplaces all around the world. After their initial onboarding she is the first point of contact for all serious and fun questions of facilitators. As CEO – Chief Engagement Officer – she also tries to keep all other stakeholders of Management 3.0 happy and represents the company to the outside world when needed. However since we believe that everyone can be a manager, most typical CEO tasks are distributed within the team. When not working she enjoys her island-life diving and hiking while taming her own little zoo.  Visit her LinkedIn profile


Nadine Management 3.0 Team

Nadine focuses on all things related to marketing. She is taking care about spreading the word of Management 3.0, increasing reach & visibility, posting on LinkedIn, setting up mailings and making sure everyone can find what he is looking for. Furthermore she now takes care about courseware, translations and making these available to facilitators and the Management 3.0 community. If she is not currently optimizing a website, digging into KPIs or investigating on bugs, she is playing with her cat, reading or asking questions. LinkedIn profile


Sam Management 3.0 Team

Our podcast host and producer, blog editor and one of our business developers, she brings people’s experiences to life on air and creates connections with companies dedicated to changing the future of work and who care about happiness and employee engagement. When not working on Management 3.0 Sam is writing stories from around the world or sipping wine.


Sara Management 3.0

Sara is our Community Builder. She loves bringing people together to support each other to achieve their full potential. Sara is passionate about learning and believes that doing it with others makes it more fun and meaningful. She loves hearing from the Management 3.0 community members and is always ready to have a virtual coffee with anyone!
When she’s not gathering people to learn with each other, Sara is cooking or singing – or maybe both. LinkedIn profile


Tahira Management 3.0 Team

Queen Tahira is our watchful financial eye and keeps our books in impeccable order. She takes care and takes charge of anything and everything that has to do with money. When Queen T’s not busy crunching numbers she’s tending to her garden or spending time with her kids.