How to motivate your team

Energizing People Workshop

This workshop is no longer available in 2023. Certificates of Attendance will remain valid. If you are interested in deepening your learning about Management 3.0, the Agile Team Leadership Workshop or the Agile People Leadership Workshop might be for you.

People are the most important parts of an organization and managers should do all they can in order to keep people active, creative, and motivated.

The Secret of Team Motivation

Martie Energize People

In our Energizing People Workshop attendees learned about worker happiness and got to know the 12 Steps of Happiness. They learned how they can help you and your organization to energize people and become more successful.

In this four hour workshop, attendees learned how to get people interacting with each other and how to build trust between people.

There is a lot of talks nowadays about diversity and having the same like-minded people in your organization is a weakness. Diversity is not just about gender. In this workshop, it was discussed what real diversity is, and why diversity is important.

Furthermore, the workshop focused on intrinsic motivation and its correlation with reward systems. How to avoid pitfalls when creating your own reward system by learning the six guidelines for rewards and incentives.

The topics in this workshop were a perfect fit for team leads, managers, leaders, HR Experts, as well as Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters.

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